Elegant interior of a modern white kitchen with elements of industrial style


Is it possible to make the interior of a modern white kitchen elegant by introducing elements of industrial style into it? For designers who are creatively fit to address such issues, there are no obstacles in the embodiment of the most daring fantasies.

This is what we will tell our readers today.

The color design of the room using white and gray shades gives the interior an exquisite simplicity and at the same time an effect. Industrial style does not appear bright. He seems to be hinting at his presence with only a few details. Stools made of wood and iron, and part of the wall, stylized as brickwork, strengthen the expressiveness of the general background.

Excess white gives an impression of softness and some uniformity. The kitchen peninsula is designed to dilute it and take over the part of attention without bright accents. Pearl-gray color unobtrusively shades the overall light background, and the table top made of natural stone adds a room of warmth.

From one side of the island a block for cutting food and cooking is organized. The surface of the shade of the walnut very naturally fits into the surrounding environment, perfectly matching in color with the floor and stools.

The chopping block is equipped with two deep drawers for dishes. It is located next to the stove, which is very convenient for the hostess.

The bright color scheme is diluted with colorful and slightly unexpected elements of industrial style. The kitchen apron and the wall above the sink are lined with white tiles with a narrow gray strip around the edges. Lamps over the sink and peninsula are made in the same style. Stools with adjustable seat height resemble piano chairs and as if came from the last century.

Storage systems are a sample of traditional grace. Straight lines and rectangular door handles are relevant at all times. Sliding doors in the cupboard are very convenient.

Three basic colors in the interior – white, gray and brown – give a sense of ease. Spotlights create diffused light, which gives softness to the white color and smoothes out its somewhat coldness. Vintage furniture with panels made of natural wood adds coziness and brings a note of warmth.

So, without overloading the classic interior with an excess of impregnations of industrial style, but only slightly diluting it, you can get a wonderful result – a harmonious combination of elegance, comfort and unusualness.

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