Elegant designer washbasins that can become part of your home


1. Transparent bottom is a simple and effective solution. Very, very original!

2. Another unusual shell. But it will be difficult to wash it!

3. Do not think that this shell is leaky! It just has transparent windows. It's hard, probably, to get used to the fact that these are not holes!

4. And if you get yourself such an accessory, you can feed your fish without distracting from brushing your teeth!

5. Charming illusion: the wall was cut, and the tab was bent, got a drain for water! Cheap and angry! But maybe this is not an illusion at all?

6. Well, geologists must adore this shell!

7. The temperature and color of the water are changed by moving the ball on the tap.

8. Well, a very original washbasin, a smooth stepped drainage of water guarantees that there is no clog in your bathroom (or anywhere else you want to install this accessory).

9. Elegant Moroccan style you will like, even if you are not a fan of Orientalism.

10. Sink for a modern home. Accustoms you to the economical flow of water and the accurate opening of the crane.

11. Another elegant washbasin. The uniqueness of the material is interesting – the thing is made of wood. This elegant piece of art called simply the subject of plumbing language will not turn.

12. But the drain with a sink from a multi-colored glass. Among the samples we saw, maybe not the most impressive, but quite amusing and original enough.

13. Well, this exhibit in the form of a pedestal – just lovely!

14. Fishermen, who suffer from winter fishing, ice fishing, should wash the washbasin shown in the photo below.

15. And here – a beautiful bright colored blot on the background of white and dark gray tones, it draws attention to itself, it can not be torn off!

16. The next shell can serve as an example for nature lovers: we take a suitable stone, simply hollow out the cavity in a simple manner, and your shell reminds you of a hike in the mountains or a picnic on the stony bank of the river.

17. Before your eyes, one more colorful plum.

18. Modern sink made of wood. It seems that we have already met an accessory made with this technology.

19. In the photo below, there is a crane, a sample of the high professional skill of the master glass blower.

20. Another modern masterpiece, also of the highest degree of originality.

21. It seems that the next exhibit of our exhibition does not have a plum! Truly, there must be some mystery!

22. Stealth comes into the house or the invisible plum.

23. About this pattern, any artist will say: the correct use of shadows.

24. A bowl with the use of a petrified tree. Interestingly it turns out: we offered wood from a tree, from a stone – too, now, here, these materials have united into one!

25. This sink is simple and elegant. Neither reduce nor add!

26. Having such a shell, as in the picture below, many would open the tap only to admire the dashingly swirling flow of water.

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Interesting design offers. Incredible options with a "transparent bottom," even it is unclear where the sink was hid. But they demand to organize an interesting space around, for a simple way of life not very suitable. The shell model in the Moroccan style raises the mood. I would like myself to put a colorful large comfortable table-top (№17).

Super! What extraordinary decisions! I really liked the "holey shell", it looks, well, simply unusual. And also an interesting design idea with a ball-regulator of temperature

Class! I'm amazed. Especially I'm very impressed with the shell with a bright orange "klyaksoyu" – an original, bright and positive mood since morning provided!

Chesno, I do not even know which shell to allocate. So all is unusual and interestingly done! Leaky and transparent, probably the most!

Chesno, I do not even know which shell to allocate. So all is unusual and interestingly done! Leaky and transparent, probably the most!

Crystal, aquarium and the last – I want it all. And it does not matter that I only have one bathroom, I'll find where to put it. A real creative + a luxurious look

Of all the options offered here, I liked the shell with photoprinting and the sink with the aquarium more. Very creative. Thank you to the designers. I will think.

Yes it's not a shell, it's real art-objects some! I am delighted! Such unusual options, from aquariums to whole waterfalls. All look original, and it's still gently said. Competently fit such a shell into the interior and change nothing, probably, long will not want.

Unusual design solutions. Elegant and not standard. Everyone can choose their own version for the interior. In my opinion – this is a breakthrough of designers.

Do not bring the case to me to choose only one option from the presented 25-ti. If most of the shells surprised by non-standard form, then the 7 number is also technological. Adjusting the temperature with a ball floating in the water is something unimaginable.

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