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We have already seen many interesting interior design projects, and each of them is a separate individuality, a space with its own character and attractive features. Continuing the conversation about the kitchens, today we will talk about one of the most important elements, without which no image will be completed. It's about lighting.

Creative lights have long striven along with the classics, finding all the new fans.

Planning the lighting system in the kitchen, it is worth considering the architectural and technical limitations, such as the height of the ceilings, the width of the island over which it is installed, and the power of the luminaires. The most popular materials for the manufacture of lighting devices are glass and metal. The reason is simple – they are very easy to clean.

But sometimes you need to think about other textures. Many make a choice in favor of beauty, pushing practicality to the background. We have prepared for you a selection of the most interesting options, each of which is worthy of attention.

These oversized pendant lamps add to the interior of natural, feminine notes. Their lampshades are made of fabric. Whether it's flax or burlap, it does not matter, because they are so wonderful! Such copies are made to order, because there is an opportunity to choose individual sizes.

Like any home textile, they need regular care, especially if you take into account the specific kitchen conditions. It is advisable to choose such lampshades, which are easily removed from the frame, then you will not have problems with caring for them.

Refined style in all its glory

Tissue lampshades today are very relevant. They look exquisite, they fit nicely into the environment. It should be noted that such lamps do not need a lot of power, so it is worth to choose those that allow you to adjust the level of light. And in order that they are less dirty, it is worth considering about hood.

The layout of the kitchen space and its style directly affect the choice of chandelier. Since the kitchen in our time has become a room for communication of the whole family, and not just a place where food is prepared, it is necessary to take into account the stylistics to the smallest detail.

Light the kitchen with one multi-storey chandelier that delicately fits into the interior and becomes the center of attention, giving light to both the working and dining areas. It's important to keep balance so that you do not break harmony.

This minimalistic kitchen is ideal for installing a charming glam-style lamp. The elegance of the interior and the beautiful color scheme give the interior a strict elegance.

Quality lighting is not always powerful lighting. You can add a touch of romance to the design. This chandelier looks natural and at ease. The expressive image of a candelabrum with artificial candles fits perfectly into the picture.

It is worth noting that the marble worktop is polished to a shine, and if designers chose a conventional electric lamp, the glare, reflecting from the surface, would interfere with the work. And in this case, the owners can enjoy a beautiful soft light that does not irritate the eyes.

There are times when one instance is not enough to complete the image. In this case, you should choose several lamps at once. Their number will depend on the size of the island, over which you will install them, the size of the room and, of course, the dimensions of the lamps themselves. If they are small, then it's better to stop at three, and for larger dimensions – to choose a pair.

Experiments with sizes – it is always great and allows you to achieve an ideal and unique result. Although many designers do not recommend themselves to choose such unusual things in the interior, try to show their taste is worth it.

Small lamps are easier to choose, but you need to harmoniously choose the option of their placement. Group them in a single row – it's boring, it will be much more interesting to place them in checkerboard order. Glass ceiling lights at different heights – it's true and beautiful.

The irrepressible orchestra of light

If you are not a supporter of traditional solutions, you can go the other way and choose the original chandelier, which will be unique. A terrific example is Orchestra Light: it will light up the space, add to the design of unusual shapes and textures. Give yourself a piece of sunny mood, invigorating and pleasing even the most sophisticated look.

Sculptural lamps will always be in the spotlight. Especially popular are designs whose shape is close to natural. How about decorating your kitchen with unexpected, light and impressive lights? This option will perfectly illuminate the surface of the island, recalling the weightless clouds, floating not somewhere far in the sky, but under the ceiling of your house.

Modern kitchens are real architectural masterpieces, designers have fantasies where to turn around, harmoniously entering the design in the layout and size of the room. And the owners have long become very demanding on the style of the interior and the functionality of the kitchens, because here they not only prepare, but also assemble the whole family.

One of the most important issues in the design of the kitchen is lighting, which can hide shortcomings and emphasize dignity. Do not forget about the appearance of lamps, because such a detail as a chandelier, will significantly affect the overall picture, respectively, and the requirements for it – are special.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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