Eclectic kitchen interior in a country house – courageous combinations on the brink of kitsch


The view of the ocean serves as a backdrop for this colorful kitchen. Located on the shore of a house in Rockport (Massachusetts) connects in the interior of traditional New England materials for decoration and beach trends. However, the kitchen has a bold red-orange island, which contrasts with the gray-blue Atlantic Ocean.

Owners of the house – an active family with four children – have assigned this space to the star design team, including S + H Construction, Andra Birkerts and Don Knerr of Charles R. Myer & Partners. The modern and bright kitchen area emphasizes the functionality for the summer pastime and entertainment of this family.

Design idea S + H Construction

The color palette of the room is created on the basis of the interior, typical for the summer houses of New England. A white painted tree, an open ceiling design and bright color accents create a classic, but cheerful look.

Kitchen apron: Ann Sacks

Furniture: Amherst Woodworking

Design idea S + H Construction

Gray-blue tones connect the kitchen interior with the rest of the house. Designer Andra Birkerts picked up a contrasting red-orange island – a bright color provides a visual counterpoint with a magnificent view from the windows.

Lamps: Andra Birkerts Design

Design idea S + H Construction

A square island forms an L-shaped kitchen layout. The ocean can be seen from the shell and on the side of the island. The refrigerator and microwave are located on the outer edges of the kitchen, limiting space.

Kitchen range, extractor fan: Wolf; Fridge: Frigidaire; the island's paint: Ground Paprika, Martha Stewart Living (discontinued)

Beyond the corner of the kitchen is a separate pantry with a refrigerator for drinks.

Design idea S + H Construction

The kitchen top made of ground white concrete mimics the soft, light sand of the beach. The surface of the table top is lightly drained to show the sea reflections in the glass elements of the object.

Design idea S + H Construction

A glass of a gentle greenish shade crowns the island. Local master Peter Houk, director of the glass laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, created this beautiful element of decor. The sand-blasting ripples in the form of algae and fish create a feeling of water heated by the sun at the pier.

Design idea S + H Construction

The island lamp immediately attracts attention. There are also small lighting devices in the form of skillful cartridges, made to order, covered with paint in blue and white tones.

Large lower cabinets and open top shelves provide an easy search for necessary things, in particular when visiting the house by family friends. Colorful dishes bring additional bursts of color.

Design idea S + H Construction

The surface of the countertop from the sink gently flows around the room and leads to the cupboard. The average width of the floor board was treated with a matte floor covering on top, which offers a high protection class and emphasizes the natural appearance of the wood.

About how this cheerful and bright kitchen of a country house honors a glorious sea landscape outside the window, for readers of the popular resource Kitchen interior was told by Vanessa Brunner. Photos from Eric Roth

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