Does the front door open directly into the living room? 13 little tricks of the famous designer, which will help create a virtual hallway


TerraCotta Properties Modern Living Room

Many of us have a front door that opens unceremoniously and without any apology right into the living room. Although it certainly saves on square meters, however, it takes away from us many of the opportunities inherent in the right hallway. So, dear visitors, let's look at how we can create an atmosphere of entry.

Create an entrance zone with the location of the interior items. In this case, stylish furniture, namely the back of the sofa, effectively produces a feeling of the hallway. You can get the same effect by using a pair of chairs.

Mark from the traditional cutler

Put the coffee table. If you have space, install a wall console table behind the back of the furniture, you will get a place for storing keys, mail and (if there is a lower shelf) even shoes – all the attributes that must remain in our hallways.

Modern living room from Sullivan Design Studio

Add the seats. Installing a pair of stools under a table by the couch does not take up much space in this cozy living room, but it provides an additional place for rest or taking off shoes, if this is your habit.

Classic living room

Build half the wall. If the front door is at the end of your living room, and not in the middle, half the wall can be a great solution for creating a sense of separation and a hint of entry.

Traditional living room from The Sky is the Limit Design

Add the rug. Put a rug or track that matches the space that you defined for your improvised entry – this will enhance the feeling that you have a really vestibule. The floor covering will also help to hold up part of the inevitable dirt and slush that will come through the front door.

Traditional Residential Rooms, Design Renewal Design-Build

Turn the wardrobe of the hallway into a niche. I like this idea! By removing the doors from the wardrobe and turning it into an open space for a work of art or a mirror, we, as it were, deceive the vision by taking this place in the hallway. Adding modern lamps to the wall in the niche will enhance the impression, especially if you leave them on for the entire time (you can use low-power lamps for this).

Beach style living room from Evens Architects

Take advantage of the scope of your front door. A door that swings open so that its backside is against the living room space will create a small barrier between the entrance and the room and help block the line of sight in the entry area of ​​the entrance. Standard doors width 90 cm – a gift for creating a feeling of the hallway.

House-hut, TKP Architects project

Add an input space. In this absolutely charming cottage, preserving some free space near the door, helps create an entrance feel.

The same project, TKP Architects

Everything from shoes to a muffler and a hat can be found in this hut. The cat clearly loves it.

Traditional entrance, Savvy Interiors project

Create an input area. Put an impermeable floor covering in the area of ​​the swing of the entrance door. This will help keep your living room clean and visually outline the entrance area. Keep in mind, whatever material you choose for such an input, it is important to keep the floor level of this zone the same as in the rest of the room.

Walk-through dining room, design by Schwartz and Architecture

Separate the entrance with a bookcase. Although in this particular example the input zone is larger than in most of those we are talking about, the idea is still excellent. Decorating a room with a shallow bookcase, like this one, will determine the area of ​​the hallway, while taking a little space and adding style and functionality.

Traditional entrance from Douglas Design Studio

Construct an input that accepts one at a time. The erection of the enclosing walls and sections from your front door is an extreme for you? No, if you do this with the grace and beauty of this glass-wooden case. If you live in a climate with frequent inclement weather, such an input will help you to prevent cold, wind and slush into the house.

Rural entrance, design by Sheri Mize Design Studios

Declare yourself on the outside of the entrance. Finally, if you do not have enough space for the inner hallway, make sure that your external entrance makes such a loud statement that no one notices it.

The designer of interiors Becky Dietrich told us about the ways of creation of illusions.

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