Do not be afraid to experiment with colors – a creative approach to color design of the kitchen


Do you like the interior of your kitchen? Maybe it's worth it to completely change – or, on the contrary, make it more perfect by adding a few bright strokes? Today we will discuss color solutions for this important room of our house.

When it comes to designing a living room or bedroom, we think more about color than when designing a kitchen. But it certainly can be called the heart of the house. This is a real focal point, where the whole family gathers thrice a day. If your kitchen seems unattractive, here are some tips to help make it the most attractive part of the house.

Start off the walls

The first place in the transformation of the kitchen is fairly allocated to the walls. If they look dull and dark, they should be repainted – it's easy and profitable. One or two cans of paint and free days off are enough to change the appearance of the room.

Colorful blue tile for apron in the kitchen

The green wall refreshes the space

Choose light, airy colors that will become a backdrop for colorful furniture and accessories in the kitchen. Avoid pure white – for kitchen, it is unnecessarily marquee. Pay attention to the cream, beige or light yellow shades – they will bring a feeling of warmth and comfort. However, one of the walls can be made bright, which will revitalize the interior.

Kitchen in country style

Experiment with the headset

One of the effective ways to add a new color to the kitchen is to colorize the headset. It will revive the decor of the kitchen, since furniture occupies the main part of it. You can do it easily do by one's own hands. Choosing a monochrome color scheme for the cabinet and countertops, create with the help of a stencil different accents of contrasting colors.

Green kitchen cabinets

You can apply mixing and coloring not only the headset, but also any wooden surfaces. Cabinets, painted in bright colors, will blend in with the background of a more restrained shade, if it is wisely picked up.

The kitchen is black in rustic style

Neutral colors harmonize the space

Combine colors with accessories

Kitchen appliances, as a rule, are produced in dark or neutral tones. But more and more often manufacturers began to create more colorful models, so picking a bright pattern that will decorate the room is not at all difficult.

Open kitchen design with red cabinets

Another wonderful way to change the atmosphere is to create color accents with accessories: flower vases, jugs, bar stools, hanging lamps and so on. A colorful clock on an empty wall will bring a zest to the interior. If you have a beautiful dish, put it in the cupboards with transparent doors.

Use additional fixtures

Keep in mind that you can change the color using lighting systems. The kitchen, lit by incandescent lamps, looks completely different with fluorescent lights or LED lighting. Instead of one big chandelier, consider the option of using several luminaires.

For these purposes, hanging lanterns for the dining room and neon for the work area, cabinets and even the bottom of the headset. Your kitchen will look bright and attractive.

The most important thing – before the beginning of the color experiment, you need to make sure that the shades are combined.

Modern kitchen with small hanging lights

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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