Discovering the World – a wonderful interior room for a newborn girl in light colors


Pastel in every element of the decor

Room for the newborn does not require a lot of expenses. A minimum of pieces of furniture and a properly selected color palette – that's what's important.

Large embossed circles on beige carpet

The photos that we will share in this article with the guests of the Interiors Room Portal show examples of rooms for kids.

Customers of this project wanted to have a budget interior in a modern style.

The decoration, which was already present in the room, was used to the maximum.

Funny pink pictures for a little princess

Cornices, ceiling and lighting remained untouched and fit perfectly into the newborn design.

Functional sofa for mother

Several large windows let in a lot of natural light, which positively affects the health of the baby.

The premise allowed to put not only a chest of drawers, a bed and a locker for the girl, but also a comfortable sleeping place for the mother.

In the nursery, this decision is very important, since the presence of the mother is necessary for the baby both during the day and at night.

And to feed the crumb or just relax next to the couch – an excellent assistant.

Pink flowers in children's textiles

The floor is covered with a large carpet of dense yarn. He will not only decorate the bedroom, but will also be a wonderful friend for the girl in her exploration of the surrounding world.

Comfortable chair in the form of a rabbit

A little boy or girl will always react positively to pastel colors that create peace and comfort.

Therefore, in the interior there are milk, white, yellow, pink. And the main color – gray – diluted with bright colors.

A single picture in different elements of the decor

In this children's room there is a style of Provence. The collection of Nina Campbell gave him a beautiful drawing on the curtains.

A pink panel, containing paintings, perfectly located above the crib. The fabric of the curtains is decorated with a lampshade from Pottery Barn.

A high floor lamp gently illuminates the child's crib and looks French in a refined and original way.

Yellow butterfly on the gray surface of the wall

Aquamarine notes of a comfortable chair are a wonderful decoration of the room. Everything in this room is simple and cozy.

When the baby grows, furniture and accessories can be gradually changed.

The room is quickly and simply cleaned, as everything here is in its place.

Ecological atmosphere of the children's world

Little bird – girlfriend of the princess

Lullaby over the crib

Plan for arranging furniture in the children's bedroom

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A beautiful room for a newborn girl in light pastel colors Very successfully solution with a sofa, because this is a solution to the problem of how a mother to be in the same room as a child without taking him to bed. Affectionate chair in the form of a rabbit.

What a nice children's room and thoughtful interior of a nursery for a newborn. But it's worth noting that the designers thought not only about the little girl, but about the mother who will spend a lot of time in this room: there is also an armchair in which it is comfortable to sit and a sofa on which you can lie down, a changing table, behind which it is convenient to swaddle a child.

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