Different variants of mosaic decoration in the interior of modern kitchen


Pastel drops on the wall

In our time, mosaic has become quite common in the interior of kitchens. It is diverse in form, size and structure, but always looks original and festive.

In the design of the kitchen space, it is always relevant, decorative, not destroyed by temperature and water drops, it is easy to take care of.

With its help you can make out the whole wall or just an apron – it depends on your preferences and designer's ideas. Such decor can be decorated and table top.

Sweet chocolate tale


The mosaic can be made of metal, wood, ceramics, smalt and stone.

Professional artists create real masterpieces of fine art that will distinguish your kitchen from other similar premises.

Country of the Silver World Through the Looking Glass

Pink miracle for a true lady


The display can be implemented in different forms: a rhombus, a circle, a square and an oval. Sometimes it is glued on a solid panel or individual fragments.

Variety of shapes and sizes

Thin multicolored lines


The most common solution is the apron, as the mosaic protects the wall from contamination, hot temperatures and moisture. It does not change its properties and retains its appearance for many years.

Of mirrors, too, do. Such a decor element visually enlarges the room, decorates it and it becomes brighter.

Such a mosaic can be combined with both wooden and ceramic surfaces, creating a unique design.

White gloss in mirror reflection

The table tops from it also look great. It will protect the surface from scratches, the hot bottom of the pan and will be cheaper than other types of countertops. Believe me, it will last you a long time!

Gray scale with bright colors

Unusual dressing headset

When from a mosaic collect any pattern or drawing is already a panel. Kitchen in any style with this panel will look great.

Drawings with flowers, country animals and cocks will fit perfectly into country and Provence styles, and the classic loves ancient ruins and horses.

Highlighted floral graphics

Pink flower on a green background

Natural curlicues in the rustic kitchen

On the floor, you can also put a mosaic. If you change the ceramic tiles to chic compositions or smooth transitions of a single color palette, you will get a very beautiful sight. You can combine different materials or create such an imitation.

Cellular transitions from the black snake to the white field

Mosaic in any form is good and on the wall, and on the floor, and in the form of a panel. It will transform your kitchen and give it a special atmosphere.

Diamond-shaped facades of a dining table

Stylish design of kitchen apron

Perhaps you can call the mosaic a universal material. First, for the kitchen, the ideal material that does not get dirty, does not change shape from the effects of high temperatures and water. Secondly, the mosaic is suitable for any interior, you only need to choose the color and shape. And, thirdly, it is very beautiful and fashionable.

I agree, the mosaic is the ideal solution for the kitchen. I would choose a glass mosaic that will shimmer, shine and sparkle. Or else the color is black graphite with glass inserts. In my opinion, this is the best option. Whatever one may say, the kitchen will change with such a design finish and play in a new way.

For me, the mosaic in the kitchen is more familiar in the design of the apron and the walls. But the option of finishing the countertops with tiles, for me news! Mosaic on the floor is an excessive luxury. Although I agree that the interior of the kitchen from this only wins.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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