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Even if you do not have a separate cabinet, you can derive an obvious benefit from a well-organized workspace. The whole house will be transformed: from the night table mounds from old receipts will disappear, and the chest of drawers in the nursery will be freed from writing supplies.

All these things will be in one place. To successfully implement this transformation, assess the needs and habits of each member of the family, and then concentrate on simple organizational solutions that will work even when life itself becomes chaos.

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Find a place that promotes productive work

Let's say you have an office, but it's pretty tight and dark. You feel more comfortable in a well-lit space. The case ends with the fact that you avoid working at your desk, and move to the kitchen, increasingly occupying its surface with office supplies.

Instead of angry at yourself for disorganization and unwillingness to work in the right place, it is worth going to meet your habits.

Arrange in the kitchen corner, which will accommodate the things you need in your work. After giving them shelter, you automatically release the work surfaces, and the premises of the former cabinet can be used as a dressing room, home theater or something else.

Imagine a family house in which there is no office, and there is not even room for an office. But in it there is a drawing room for reception of visitors which almost never use, gathering instead of in a compact premise in the neighborhood.

The question arises: why do we need a big beautiful room, if it is constantly empty?

In this situation, it would be most correct to make a kind of castling, having arranged space for family leisure in a large room, and to bring the neighboring room to an office with an integrated storage system.

In the newly appeared cabinet there was a large table, behind which several people can work or eat during the break.

Work with what you have

After determining the most convenient place for you, focus on the initial parameters of the room. The absence of traditional office space should not upset you: a desk can be built into the window opening or hide behind a sofa.

Try to put the table in place of the bedside table near the bed.

Or install open shelving to store working documentation, accepting the fact that the office will share space with the living room.

Discard stereotypes as to what and where should be. If you are used to filling out bills at the dinner table, move the dishes and textiles to the kitchen, and put the baskets in the cupboard in which receipts and other documents will be kept.

Who knows what is inside this magnificent cabinet – silverware or office equipment? In any case, it looks great.

Solve problems as you arrive

Do not try to be perfect in everything. We need to equip the workspace so that the rest of the rooms in the house can look perfect.

So you should not give critical order to the office. Some chaos is inevitable, but you can deal with it in your usual ways from time to time.

For example, you can create a folder for receipts, advertising correspondence and other documents that have some meaning, but do not require immediate consideration.

We put everything there, and forget about it, for example, until Friday. (Some time frames are still necessary for self-discipline.) On the appointed day, open the folder and sort its contents, ruthlessly getting rid of unnecessary.

The process will take no more than half an hour, but throughout the week you will not be bothered by piles of letters and bills. We want to say that you need to develop a system that will work in your home.

You probably know the following situation. Felt-tip pens of a son or daughter do not want to go to the desk drawer, although it is always at hand.

Maybe a basket or bowl, standing in a prominent place, will be more popular? And if someone from your family is a fan of sticky leaves and endlessly losing notes on scraps of paper, ask him to use a cork board, thanks to which all the brilliant ideas will be intact.

Instead of focusing on the disorganization of anyone, develop on its basis a viable system.

If it is easier for your children to practice in the common room, you can put all of his textbooks and school supplies on a serving table on wheels, which will go to the nursery as soon as the lessons are done.

This option is suitable for those families in which there are two young students, and they can not share a desk in their room. The one to whom will fall to give, will take the cart and will pass in a drawing room.

If several people work in the home office, the furniture should be multifunctional or even professional. Perhaps, the built-in design seems to you too complicated in execution, and then ready-made variants, like the Besto and Galant systems from Ikea, will come to their aid.

A long table is the only possible solution for compact cabinets that are used by both spouses or several family members. It provides a full working surface without taking up much space in the room.

Wall-mounted storage systems help to maintain order in the home office. Neat boxes with labels on which something like "Letters", "Accounts", "Office accessories" is written, will not allow things to get lost in the hecticness of everyday work.

It is obvious that within each of these boxes a little chaos may reign, but only you will be aware of this.

Planning the design of any room in the house, proceed from the specific needs of your family. Regardless of whether you have a separate office, or you could afford only a modest workplace in the corner, the home office should unload the surrounding space and provide comfort to its inhabitants.

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