Design of the porch of a private house


Porch is an integral part of the facade of any house. Particular importance in a private house is paid to the porch: it carries not only a practical orientation, but also serves as an additional decorative element of the facade and exterior of the house. The originally designed entrance to the house forms an architectural unity with the color scheme and style of the house.

For the design of the porch, you can use the same materials and color shades that were used in the decoration of the facade of the house.

Sometimes in the design of the porch some elements of the exterior decor of the house can be repeated: if the facade uses wood or stone, then wooden or stone constructions can be used in the porch. The color scale of the main entrance to the house often repeats the shades of the exterior of the whole building:

The foundation of the porch

Porch can be with a high or low foundation. If the house has a high foundation, the porch is usually formed in the form of steps, tiled, ceramic granite, processed wood or natural stone:

A low foundation of the porch is constructed at a low basement of the house. Two or three steps in this case is enough. The width and shape of the steps depends on the size of the facade and the area of ​​the porch:

A porch without a foundation is not the most reliable option for a house and is suitable only for those buildings that stand on dense strong soils. In this case, the porch performs only a decorative function, and for its design, concrete slabs or paving slabs are used:


A small piece of land in front of the house can be used to continue the porch. The porch not only protects the porch from precipitation, but also serves as a recreation place in the fresh air. The best option for arranging the veranda is the sliding glass doors that will be hidden from the wind or rain:

The porch in the form of a summer outdoor terrace can be quite spacious, where not only comfortable chairs-rocking chairs, but also a swing:

If the space in front of the house has a small area, then the entrance to the house can be equipped in a cozy and comfortable terrace. Monochrome and lack of bright decorations will emphasize the charm of such a terrace and visually expand the porch space

Entrance door

In the case when the entrance to the house is decorated rather modestly: without decorative excesses and in one color scale, the unusual design of the entrance door will bring variety to the exterior. Doors of contrasting color and original configuration are a bright accent on the monophonic background of the porch.

Porch with a canopy

The canopy, like the porch itself, performs a practical function, but with a design approach, the roof above the entrance to the house can become a colorful accessory or a finishing touch in the exterior of the house:

If the canopy roof completes the eccentric roof design, then this canopy performs a more decorative function, rather than useful. Protection from sun and rain will be minimal:

Canopy can be made wide, spacious and thorough, so that it occupies most of the local area and reliably protects from natural phenomena. Under such a roof, family cars can easily fit:

Illumination of the porch

In the dark, for convenience and security, the porch and courtyard of the private house should be well illuminated. The choice of lighting depends on the style of the house.

The suspended lamp can be attached above the entrance door, and the street-lighting LEDs that match the style and configuration should be installed along the path leading to the porch:

Several identical sconces with a downward stream of light will give a special charm not only to the entrance to the house, but also to the part of the courtyard in front of the porch.

Path to the house

The paths paved to the porch form a style and color unity with the house. For their decoration suitable concrete slabs:

In the event that the house slightly rises above the site, the path to the porch is better to perform in the form of steps, which will greatly facilitate the descent and ascent to the house:

Glass and metal constructions

The structures of glass and metal in the design of the facade of the house look very unusual. Against the background of this facade, a porch with glass and metal elements will look harmonious and effective. This option is not entirely practical and safe, because On the glass often noticeable dirt, this material is not as reliable as stone or concrete.

Enclosures in the form of light metal rails give the porch a finished look and create a sense of security and safety for the tenants:

Landscaping in front of the house

The plot of land in front of the house is often decorated with various greenery. The territory of a private house does not limit the owners in choosing a landscape design on their site. However, flowers and bushes should not violate the style and palette of the shades of the facade.

The porch, decorated in a multicolored palette, assumes the presence of the same bright lawns and flower beds in front of the house. This porch fascinates with natural charm and speaks of the hospitality of the hosts:

The porch of a private house will become an original and unique part of the house, if you take into account such simple recommendations:

  1. materials for registration of the entrance to the house must be combined with the general style of the exterior design of the house;
  2. the foundation of the porch must correspond to the foundation of the structure;
  3. a canopy over the porch will protect the porch from natural phenomena and give it an original look;
  4. the design of the landscape in front of the house does not only perform an aesthetic function, but also purifies the air on the site;
  5. When choosing the elements of the porch decor you need to consider not only their beautiful appearance, but also practicality.
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