Design of stairs in Art Nouveau style for a country house


If you have a desire to have a country house, and your desire coincides with your possibilities, then this article will help you to optimally realize this desire and learn some of its aspects.

One of them is the question of staircase design, because today it is rare what a country house does not have it. And of course, this ladder should correspond to the modern style, that is, the modern style.

So, let's consider what a staircase should be in a house with an interior in the Art Nouveau style, after all, as everyone knows, everything in the house must be subordinated to a single chosen style.

Types and design features of stairs

First of all, we will get acquainted with the types of stairs, their design features, because this information will be needed when designing your house. Its layout and, of course, your taste will influence the choice of staircase design. There are the following types of indoor staircases:

Straight stairs

Used in large enough houses, where the area allows you to calmly arrange a ladder.

This type of stairs is divided into a single-march design and a two-march design. The first construction does not require clarification, and the second one can say that in this case the ladder is located by an angle, along two walls forming this angle.

Two-ladder ladder has two types of transition between marches:

  • With the help of a transition platform – the simplest kind of connection marches

  • With the help of the steps, a very original and beautiful view. In addition, in this case, the ascent and descent along such a ladder is much easier and more convenient, since the step height in it is less than when using a platform.

Spiral staircases

Perfectly fit into the interior of small areas, because their design does not occupy a serious area in the room. For the spiral staircase is quite enough 1-1,5 square meter.

But this kind, despite the originality of its execution, is still not so convenient to use: usually their width does not allow you to raise bulky items to the second floor, for example, furniture, and walking on it assumes a certain skill, especially with rapid movement.

And yet, the spiral staircase will allow you to make the interior bold and original.

Design of stairs in Art Nouveau style

Now, since you want to have an Art Nouveau house, let's see what the staircase in this style differs from the stairs of other styles.

Just note that the stairs in the Art Nouveau style are different, primarily, their laconic, strictly geometric, forms and minimalism in the decor. By and large, almost all the decor of the staircase is enclosed in the originality of its design and materials used. Of the materials, most often used wood and metal, extremely rare, stone. The tree is used for hardwoods, since the ladder must be strong and wear-resistant. The wooden staircase gives warmth to the room, for which the tree is preferred in choosing the material.

The metal staircase does not fit into any interior, but modern is the style for it, as some coldness of its interior will perfectly match with the metal structures of the staircase. But this species does not have such popularity, as from a tree: you will agree that walking on cold metal is not one of the best sensations.

As already mentioned above, that, as such, the design of staircases of style is in their design, and one of the most popular design elements are the railing.

The handrails can be made of wood, metal and even glass, but in the modernist style, rails are often made of metal.

Sometimes the staircase does not have a handrail, which gives it a special charm, however, it is not entirely safe – the absence of rails can cause dizziness of elderly or hypertensive people. In this case, even a ladder guard made of glass, will not get rid of trouble.

If the staircase has a space free for setting up a coffee table or bedside table, then this is a chance to demonstrate an art nouveau piece. It can be anything, even an ordinary chair, but always with a high back.

An excellent option for the decor will be a painting in the Art Nouveau style or a painted wall.

Despite the fact that modern, to some extent, an ascetic style, the presence of plants in the house will be an excellent decor. A staircase with fresh flowers is just what will decorate your country house.

When designing your country house, keep in mind that a staircase located near a large high window will create a sense of impetuous movement along the vertical, which will give your interior many positive qualities.

Balusters in the Art Nouveau style play the same role as in other styles – supporting the ladder railings and ensuring the safety of movement along it. However, their appearance in this style is quite different: the design of balusters does not have intricate forged or wooden elements.

Balusters strictly adhere to the concept of modern style – simplicity, strictness of geometric lines, minimum decor. The shapes of the balusters are varied. They can look like simple vertical racks of metal or wood, and the frequency of their installation can be different. A similar feeling is caused by a ladder, in the construction of which there are steel suspensions (strings) of stainless steel supporting the steps. The stairs on the suspensions represent the original design, creating an impression of its lightness and airiness.

In this design, the strings perform simultaneously the functions of the decor and the enclosing element of the ladder. In addition, the strings can be used to mount handrails.

Types of fencing stairs in the Art Nouveau style

The fences of stairs in Art Nouveau style are simple and at the same time original. This can be done by frequent installation of balusters, which is used in many designs of stairs.

In case you decide to minimize the number of balusters, you will have to fill the gap between them with a fence, the design of which is quite diverse, but necessarily conceptual in style.

In the case of a rare arrangement of balusters, metal strings or bars stretched between balusters can serve as a guard.

This style is characterized by the use of glass as a guard of the stairwell. Walking on a ladder with such a fence causes a person, first stepped on it, some stiffness because of a sense of danger. Over time, these feelings disappear, replaced by enthusiastic.

The glass fence is multifunctional: it can be used as a suspension of steps and as a balustrade – to support the ladder rail. A kind of option – three in one.

The enclosure can be made in the form of a continuous partition made of chipboard or brick wall, which simultaneously separates the flight of stairs from the room space. A good option – a wooden grille

Suspension can be used as a guard.

Lighting stairs

The ladder, as an object of increased trauma, should have good lighting, otherwise, injuries can not be avoided. To provide the required illumination, general lighting is used. It can be a chandelier or a suspension in the center of a flight of a ladder, but more often it is spotlights built into a ceiling or walls.

Fixtures should be placed evenly along the length of the stairs, paying special attention to the beginning and end of the staircase. It's nice to have stairs on the stairs. Usually, LED lighting is provided, which will help you not only to secure the movement of the stairs, but also to save electricity at night.

Space under the stairs

The space under the stairs is the loss of the useful area of ​​the house. But it can be competently used.

Under the stairs, you can organize a workplace in the form of a small table or bedside table with a small lamp, which will be very useful for doing fleeting work. Here you can put furniture for rest, for storing things. The library under the staircase is the best option for using this space.

In conclusion

When designing a ladder, one should adhere to some expert advice:

  • The number of steps in the staircase is desirable to have an odd, which makes it convenient for walking, as a person begins and ends the movement on the stairs with the same foot.
  • A two-march ladder, if possible, is made right-handed with the same number of steps in both marches.
  • Steering steps in a narrow place are finished with a width of 10-13 centimeters, which is important from a practical and psychological point of view.
  • The minimum width of the ladder should be 60 centimeters, and the height to the ceiling is not less than 1,8 m. The stair railings are made at a height of 90 centimeters from the tread.
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