Design of kitchen cabinets: bold solutions and excellent quality


Design of kitchen cabinets

The unique design of kitchen cabinets is the result of well-coordinated work of many specialists. It is these talented and professional employees who work in the company Leicht, which has more than eighty years pleased its customers with beautiful and high-quality furniture. You can verify this by just one example – the CLASSIC-FS headset | IOS-M in gray-blue tones, which differs not only in its interesting appearance, but also in its competent layout.

In the center is an island with a spacious table top and numerous drawers. This is a convenient working area, and a functional storage system.

Two convenient modules, located opposite each other, constitute an organic duo

But special attention is attracted to the built-in wall high cabinet with closed sections at the bottom and raznourovnevymi shelves on top. It is equipped with a built-in lighting, supplementing the main lighting system in the dark.

On the shelves you can put the original dishes, books and other decor elements

The creative design finds are light-ash-colored metal blinds, which, when lowering, completely cover the upper part of the cabinet. So at the request of the owners from prying eyes you can hide absolutely all the items that are in the kitchen.

Non-standard solution – blinds for kitchen cabinets

And, of course, in the German kitchen set, much attention is paid to small things: plumbing, fittings and even the interior design of drawers. Uniform matte surfaces are harmoniously combined with glossy inserts.

And did you like this model from Leicht?

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