Design of curtains in the children's room


Textiles and color create the mood of the house. The set of curtains and bedspreads is entrusted with an aesthetic mission capable of changing a child's room overnight. Parents always have a desire to decorate window openings in an unconventional way and add paintings, visual impressions from the interior, and at the same time support the conceptual idea.

The search for new ideas in textile design leads to unique results. Elements from Art Nouveau, Chebbi-chic, Rococo, asymmetric canvases in the spirit of Art Nouveau, curtain classics in author's improvisations look original. If there is a desire to design a bedroom based on fairy tales, with the help of cloth, multi-line cornices, a variety of decor, the story is easy to materialize. Over time, the development of the outlook of the child will require a correction of registration taking into account new interests. The easiest way to do this is again with the help of curtains, with which the doll room is transformed into a space for a teenager. On how to manipulate colors and implement ideas, let's look at the article.

In accordance with the style

Curtains start with straight fabrics. Classic curtains outside fashion and in the nursery are as relevant as in the living room. A versatile duo is designed to manipulate light streams depending on the time of day. They are tightly tightened at night, and in the daytime, the intensity of light is regulated by light gauze or partial shading. Tulle, kapron or organza can be colored, with lace or embroidery, which gives the room a splendor. Dense texture and a transparent veil are traditionally often supplemented with lambrequin.

The window set will be perceived differently if you move away from the standard decor and resort to sewing technologies. The usual lambrequin looks more interesting if you do it obliquely, combine it with different textures or sew a lining. On the finished bando it is permissible to perform pleated or counter-folds. As a result of manipulations, the beautiful svag will decorate the room.

Austrian (festoon) curtains are often in demand in the decoration of windows. By the length of the cut, cords are sewn, forming folds when lifting. Their lower part resembles the French "marquises" with the difference that in the unfolded position the canvas remains smooth – without undulating rows. In the assembled position below, voluminous festons are formed. By this principle, it is logical to design lambrequin. For such models are good silk and mixed fabrics with a graphic or floral patterns.

Curtains on the eyelets are not similar to the method of attachment to other models and are identified with the provence. Plastic or chrome rings, inserted into the fabric, are threaded onto a round bar or hooked with hooks, threaded into rings. This is a quick way to create a 3D drape without additional fabric elements. Small eyelets are arranged in a tight line and form a lush, frequent folds. This type of drapery implies medium or low texture density of matter. Large round structures are sewn first to the braid at a decent distance from each other, and on the cornice form an impressive volume. For the country, a variation on the hinges with ruffles below and the upper assembly on the cornice is characteristic. The abundance of frills and coquettish bows on batiste, flax, cotton or silk touches.

Meters fabric, chaotically collected on the braid or deliberately prisborennye on the rod, look pretty at the expense of asymmetry of the cloth. Artistic disorder was originally thought out, and freely hanging rectangular cuts, held by a cord or beautiful pickings, are treated from the standpoint of modernity. More complex compositions are created by easy carelessness of the overturned cloths through the cornice, reminiscent of waves.

Fantasy solutions

There is a sense to decorate curtains for babies functionally and non-spontaneously: decorate with bright clips, appliqués on Velcro. Enchanting look reflective elements, attached to the top of the complete set, effectively replacing the night lamp with its flicker. With their help, it's easy to create a story of the starry sky, supporting the theme of the cosmos. On the lower part it is better to sew pockets for small parts. The fastened letters and numbers will cope with the teaching mission, and fixed long cords and tapes will serve as a decorative and applied tool for the development of motor skills. A cloth with plot pictures from fairy tales, characters of cartoons, a large bright drawing will create a relaxed atmosphere.

The desire for a pink idyll, flower pattern and a gentle palette is typical for small ladies. Hard lambrequin is ready to take the place of the picture and the scale drawing on the fabric, horizontally fixed above the window niche, is capable of supporting the given concept with design. Original looks and side picks, made in the form of toy-holders. So, a bunny or a bear cub, having embraced a prismatic canvas, will become a bright accentuating moment of decor.

Versions with bows, tied with ribbons of different colors and differing in width, overnight will give the room a grand look. Ruffles, the edges of canvases, with a trim of metallized braid or lace cords, clip-on clips – butterflies, angels and similar attributes in principle, answer the girl's nature. In general, the range is represented by rainbow colors, but a bold combination, like pistachio with pink-red tones, is considered fashionable.

Bright colors, geometric prints, sketches on the subject of astrology, fantasy, animalistic series, abstractions and universal drawings on the cloth are a priority in the choice of young gentlemen. Bando with inviting applications, figured draperies in the form of waves or sails – a hit in the design of a bedroom for a boy. Especially beautiful look such variations in the thematic design, when the decorative components model space according to the idea. Colorful textiles initially do not require complicated drapery and often enough flowing canvases, so that the opening looks decent without the participation of additional accessories.

Color and texture combination is perceived unusually. The reason for the mix can be the color of the walls, the head of the bed, a pattern and colors on the canvases themselves, soft accessories. Concerning the dominant tone, a monochrome canvas is selected, giving a chic effect in curtain sets. How harmonious are the complex models-judge for yourself.

Actually, equip two openings in the same textile, choosing the length and the model for the type of curtains and architectural features of the room. How well this feed is organically perceived can be judged from the photo.

Should I trust the mechanisms?

The structural parts of the London and Roman curtains are identical and differ only in the form of folds. The first nominee for leadership in the drapery in the open position, form a small even coattails. In the second model, the assembly scheme is represented in this way: the fabric is folded upwards by horizontal segments along the entire width. At the same time, depending on the design, the canvas may look like a full-size picture or become a bright spot in support of entourage. In a child such a system is considered the most secure. Lightweight construction, unlike heavy cornices with multi-layer drapery, reliably holds the cut and successfully copes with the light-isolating and aesthetic functions. The options are sufficient to find a suitable model among the movable mechanisms with an evenly stretched cloth.

Along with the indicated types, roller blinds are practical. They are wonderful for a modest room, ergonomically placed in the opening of the window. Cloths are sewn from different fabrics, but the opaque black-out matter, which provides full blackout, is especially relevant. With them it is convenient to manipulate the intensity of penetrating flows, effectively protecting gadget monitors from glare. Recently, they are increasingly equipped with an automatic system and when climbing are assembled into a roll – they wind on the shaft.

Japanese (panel) screens are increasingly covering the glass. The system is represented by translucent panels, parallel mounted on a frame or version with suspended weights of canvases. Absolutely even bright stripes can cover the glass by themselves or become an elegant addition to the curtains, if they are fixed in a niche. If it is necessary to differentiate the functional zones, the screens are not original.

A new look at familiar constructions

Design ideas have changed the attitude to the blinds and today they are often found on the windows not only of offices, but are actively maintained in the home decoration. Modern designs are represented by expensive lamellas made of wood, fabric, metal, colored plastic, eco-friendly straws. Blinds are easy to make exclusive, if you transfer to them photos from the family archive, pictures of artists through photo printing. In the frame of the curtains the window looks elegant and if you adhere to the draping scheme for the seasons, the alternating canvases do not bother.

To get an atypical design, it is allowed to combine horizontal blinds, mounted close to the glass, with Roman curtains slightly open at the top of the niche. It is appropriate to hang on top a straight or asymmetrical lambrequin, an impressive svag-painting, play in contrast, combining pure colors in one set.

If you are advocating for an environmentally friendly space, consider draping Chinese curtains. They can be used as a blade for controlled systems, folded manually and fastened to a cord, which is not very convenient to use. In this case, the stickers, patterned on a stencil or photo-printing technology on one of the many openwork weaves, more than compensate for the lack of a functional option. In the open position, the curtain picture closes the glass and merges with the space. If you use an exotic option complete with curtains, you should adhere to their color neutrality. In the absence of decor on bamboo, it is appropriate to add optimistic colors to the curtains. Choosing curtains in the nursery assumes a multivariate solution. You still have the right to improvise and search for other formats.

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