Design of an entrance hall in a private house


The hallway is the first room we see when entering the house. And on how this utilitarian room is designed, the first impression of the entire household depends. But the impressions are more important to the guests, the owners of the private house, first of all, the functionality, practicality of the room, the correspondence of the interior to their understanding of beauty and comfort is important.

If you plan to renovate the hallway, then all other rooms have already passed this stage and you have a common opinion about the interior of the whole house, its surroundings, the color palette and the furnishing features. Perhaps you will proceed from the general design trends of the entire household, or it may be decided to perform the interior of the hallway in a style that is fundamentally unusual for the whole building or choose unusual color solutions. It all depends on your personal preferences, the sense of proportion, the size of the room and the financial possibilities.

We offer to your attention a small collection of recommendations for repair in the hallway – selection of finishes, furnishings, decor and accessories. We hope that the real design projects of the halls located in private households will inspire you to your own accomplishments in the complex task of housing arrangement.

So, you have started to create a design project of the hallway and the first thing you need to decide on is to decide how functional your utilitarian premises should be. Do you plan to store in this room only clothes and shoes that you wear daily or you need a large storage system (this also depends on the number of household members in your home). Will there be a place for sitting and how spacious (some homeowners equip even dressing tables for make-up in the hallway, it all depends on your lifestyle and capacity, the functional fullness of the rest of the premises).

After you have determined the nuances of the functional fullness of your hallway, you can proceed to the planning of the finishing works.

Entrance hall finishing


Any finish begins with the definition of materials for the decoration of the walls. And the hallways of the hall, especially in a private house, are subject to increased exposure to moisture, dust, dirt and mechanical friction. Reasoning, we can lean against the wall, raindrops (not always clean) fall from clothes and umbrellas to walls and floor, metal objects on bags and shoes can scratch the surface. For houses in which there are children and pets, the problems of cleaning the hallway after the slushy weather will be even more acute. Therefore, when choosing material for wall finishing, remember the possibility of cleaning and resuscitation of such surfaces after serious pollution.

We advise not to stop your choice on expensive textile wallpaper or simple paper. It is necessary to choose strong and wear-resistant, preferably washable, options. It is important that cleaning the surface does not require special tools or devices, because cleaning will have to be done frequently.

Ways to finish the walls of the hallway of a private house

  1. vinyl wallpaper – the first and most important difference of this type of coating from simple paper wallpapers is that they can be washed. They are stronger and thicker, they are easy to apply independently, the choice of color palette is infinite, and the price is acceptable;
  2. liquid wallpapers – the main advantage of this kind of decoration is that you can draw with their help surfaces of any complexity – with bends, niches, arches and so on. If the liquid wallpaper is covered with a special lacquer, then later, the care of their condition will consist in a simple wash;
  3. paint – a simple and inexpensive way of finishing the walls in the hallway, but requires an absolutely flat surface. Perhaps, it will be necessary to spend more time, effort and money on plastering and pasting walls with wallpaper for painting;
  4. decorative plaster – a fairly durable method of processing walls, the color scale is extensive, the application process is simple and the result does not require special care;
  5. panels MDF and PVC – a very effective way for a short time to decorate the walls or part of them in the hallway. There are three types of similar panels – tiled square, set rack and sheet panels. This is an inexpensive and sufficiently strong material, which will be easy to install yourself. But it is important to pay attention to the degree of moisture resistance of the selected type of panels.

Often in the room of the hallway the principle of combining the decoration for the walls is used. With the help of MDF or PVC laid a kind of apron from the floor to about the middle of the wall (it all depends on your preferences and the size of the hallway), and then the walls are painted or pasted with moisture-resistant wallpaper.

For example, for the country style (especially Russified variant) it is typical not to paint walls that are made of wood, and treat them with antiseptics, various sprays against the effects of insect pests and moisture. And also varnish.

Perhaps, such a load as in the hallway, do not experience floors anymore in any room of the dwelling. Heels, heavy bags, metal objects, in some houses – wheels of bicycles, scooters, rollers. And this is not talking about dirt, dust and moisture. For the design of a floor covering, it is important to choose a strong, reliable material that will be easy to take care of.

Flooring options:

Linoleum is one of the most popular types of flooring in our country. This is an inexpensive and reliable way to cover the floors, which is incredibly easy to care for. Linoleum is divided into household, semi-commercial and commercial, depending on the level of wear resistance. Household linoleum is not suitable for the hallway floors because of the frequent impact of sharp objects, such as hairpins and heels.

Laminate – if you choose this way of facing the floors, then you should give preference to moisture-proof, durable and extremely wear-resistant options. Particularly strong exposure to moisture are joints of laminate elements, use a special moisture-resistant grout.

Tile is a strong and reliable version of the design of the floors, which does not require special efforts at maintenance. If you choose ceramic tiles, then give preference to porcelain stoneware – it is stronger and durable than ordinary tiles, protected from slipping. Stone tiles – not cheap (especially when it comes to natural stone) way to finish the floors, but the most durable and reliable.

If your hallway is spacious enough, you can apply a combination of floor coverings – use the tile in the heaviest part, then put the laminate, linoleum or floorboard.


In principle, the decoration of the ceiling in the hallway is not much different from the choice of material for other rooms of the dwelling. You can follow your own preferences and taste preferences, as well as financial opportunities.

Types of ceilings for the hall:

  • tension;
  • suspension;
  • finishing of the ceiling.

Stretch ceiling is easy to care for, durable and represents an absolutely smooth, smooth surface. But for its installation it is necessary to turn to specialists, to carry out installation independently without special preparation and the corresponding equipment will not work. For the hallway, in the design of which, as a rule, the ceiling is not the most important part of the interior, this option of finishing can be very acceptable.

Suspended ceiling is made of plasterboard or plastic panels. This type of ceiling design implies the possibility of installing an integrated lighting system, possibly on several levels, all engineering communications will be hidden behind the panels. The ceiling made of plastic panels does not need additional processing. A gypsum board will need to be plastered, painted or wallpapered. It is important to remember that the installation of this type of ceiling will take at least 10 cm from the height of your hallway.

Finishing the ceiling has several possible ways:

  • painting;
  • whitewash;
  • wallpapering;
  • decoration with decorative plaster;
  • pasting with ceiling tiles.

Obviously, the surface of the ceiling, which will be painted or whitened, should be perfectly flat and smooth.

The color palette

The choice of colors for the living room depends on your personal preferences and the manner in which the style and color solution are made of the rooms adjacent to the hallway. The whole space of your home will look more harmonious and balanced, if the shades in the furnishings and furniture will resonate in all rooms. But there are no canons – someone wants to get into an atmosphere of calm and tranquility, getting into the house (and he chooses a calm light palette), for someone it is important to cheer up in the morning before going to work (in this case bright spots and colorful finish can help ).

There is an unspoken rule when choosing a color palette for finishing any room, which helps visually expand the room – the walls should be lighter than the floors, but darker than the ceiling.

Contrasting hallway interior

Here are a few examples of how you can design the hallway in contrasting colors. This interior is full of dynamics, it is practical, but attractive.

Black and white combinations in the interior of the hall look incredibly advantageous. Despite the abundance of white in decoration and furnishings, the selected materials facilitate easy cleaning without special tools or devices.

Add brightness to your home

Why not use bright shades when decorating the hallway? After all, this is a room that sets the tone for the entire dwelling from the first steps. Especially it concerns private houses, in which there are children. Small households like everything bright and dynamic.

Furniture for anteroom

Storage systems

The first thing that comes to mind when we decide how to furnish an entrance hall is a storage suite that would successfully place top clothes, shoes and accessories for daily wear and more.

Capacious storage systems of unpainted wood are a popular option for hallways of private and especially country houses. Such furniture sets can accommodate not only clothes and shoes for daily wear, but also all seasonal outerwear of a small family.

Angled storage systems allow you to use all available space of the hallway to create a roomy furniture ensemble. In the lower part of the headset, you can arrange seats for which to integrate drawers for shoes or open shelves. On the upper tier of furniture there will be room for headgear or accessories. If the house has children, it will be an interesting move to place black plaques for records above each storage compartment. On such boards you can write messages or simply sign for each member of the family their own place.

Snow-white storage systems do not heavier the interior, despite their impressive size, they visually expand the space, which often needs this in the hallway.

Really spacious hallways in private homes are able to "sustain" even dark storage systems of impressive size, located almost along the entire perimeter of the room. Harmonious appearance of the hallway was achieved thanks to the use in the coloring of the flooring of the dark tone of the furnishings and the snow-white color of the walls and ceiling.

Space for sitting

Of course, in the hallway, we have to take shoes-shoes and it will be more convenient if for these manipulations there is a comfortable place to sit. It can be a small shop, ottoman or island, which performs, among other things, the function of the storage system, the seating space can be built into the furniture set.

Chest, pedestal and not only

For some homeowners, the option is also acceptable, when in the hallway as a storage system there is a chest of drawers or a cabinet for accessories and all sorts of trivia. The upper plane of such a piece of furniture can serve to house decor elements.


In hallways of small size, where often does not fit ensemble of built-in or cabinet furniture for storage, it is enough to place a hanger, which can be both a bar with hooks, and an independent floor structure. A hanger is also needed for a spacious hallway – to hang clothes wet from rain.

Practical objects of decor


No hallway does not do without a mirror, because before entering the street all tenants need to make sure that their appearance corresponds to their own expectations. But in addition to the main functional load, the mirror can act as a decorative item, decorating the hall room, making it more interesting and expressive.

Basket or stand for umbrellas

Woven basket or original stand can serve as an excellent decoration of the interior of your hallway, personalize it, diversify. Not to mention the performance of its main function – the storage of umbrellas, in which you do not need to waste time searching, you will always know where to get your umbrella on a rainy day.

Textiles and carpets

Not every hallway has a window and not every window homeowners decide to drape. But if you still decided to decorate the hallway window with curtains or curtains, then choose materials that are easy to take care of. The same applies to carpets. Yet the hallway is a room with a high level of pollution.

Roll or Roman curtains made of dense fabric, as well as bamboo curtains, blinds will be the best choice for decorating the window in the hallway.

Lighting system

The way of lighting the hallway depends on what type of decoration the ceiling is made (can it be built in lamps or light-emitting diode tapes), room stylistics, room size and your taste preferences. The hallway should be sufficiently brightly lit, it is better to use several levels of lighting – for example a central chandelier and a wall lamp or a hanging lamp and LED built-in tapes.

Obviously, a luxurious chandelier with many brilliant decorative elements is able to turn the hallway into a truly luxurious room.

Living plants

The premises of the hallways in private houses often abound in space, and there is room for even the installation of pots or tubs with living plants. It is difficult to call a living organism that purifies the air, an object of decor, but it is indisputable that plants decorate and refresh their appearance and the presence of any interior.

Entrance hall + 1

In the hallway of a private house there can be such a large area that, in addition to all the necessary attributes for this premise, furniture is also placed for another life segment. Some homeowners install a sink to be able to wash their hands after gardening right in the hallway, someone needs to clean up the paws of the pet after walking. And someone decides to move the cabinet to the hall area.

Examples of eccentric hallways interiors

As there are absolutely identical houses, and not to meet identical interiors of vestibules. We all have different tastes and preferences, different concepts of beauty, comfort and convenience. That for one landlord seems to be eccentric, for another – the norm. We bring to your attention several design projects with an unusual design of the hallways. Perhaps you will be inspired by their non-triviality and adopt some design techniques and solutions.

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