Design of an apartment in a panel house


To design an apartment in a panel house is not so easy. This is a laborious, but in principle an interesting work. The main difficulty is that the panel house is a structure assembled from the same blocks. To be more clear, imagine a house of matchboxes, the principle is the same – blocks of the same size are stacked on top of each other. Of course, this is convenient for the construction process, and the work is done faster. But the rooms are small, narrow and have an awkward layout – the window is just one and at the end. Something to change is crucially difficult from the calculation that almost all the walls are bearing or monolithic. This is the specificity of block buildings. Therefore, the design should be based on visual effects.

There are many ways to visually expand and change space, here are some of them:

The end walls can be made brighter than the side walls. The same can be done with curtains – to pick up a more saturated gamut than wallpaper.

With the help of the right arrangement it is possible to make the room more spacious, namely to place massive furniture closer to the end wall. And also by placing mirrors, you can create a volume effect.

You can create a cross zoning, then the room, breaking into parts, will become more comfortable and spacious. All this can be achieved with the help of high racks, vertical shelves and cabinets. The podium effect also applies to the effect of zoning – this is unusual, beautiful and will also help increase space.

Provided that the wall can not be demolished, and it is very desirable to unite the rooms, for example, a kitchen and a living room or a toilet and a bath, then you can use the reception of the arch. That is, instead of the door that connects the rooms make an arch. So, you will achieve the desired result, while retaining the supporting wall, and it looks very beautiful.

The most interesting is that depending on the preferences and tastes of the owners, you can use as one method, so two, three and even all four. The main thing is to think carefully beforehand where, what and how should be.

  1. A little bit of advice: when purchasing furniture in a small apartment, make sure that it is as functional as possible: sofas and armchairs can be folded, and also have additional niches where you can put some things or bedding. This will save space on the cabinets or their sizes.
  2. The second tip: to give the room space, you can make a window on the whole wall. It will refresh the room and make it bright and cozy.

The window to the whole wall is unusual, fresh and very beautiful

Style Direction

So, we have already figured out the first stage of decorating an apartment in a panel house, which helped visually expand the space. The next step is to build a style focus. It can be unequivocally said that such an apartment will look good in minimalist style. It is this style that will help to save the small amount of space that is available in a more or less free form. If desired, it's over, you can use the style of high-tech, country or ethnic orientations, but it's minimalist laconism that will create a feeling of comfort and order. It means the absence of unnecessary parts that clutter the room. And in rooms of modest size it is completely unacceptable.

In order to place all the necessary decor items, if there is such a desire, or just small items, you can make niches and shelves built into the wall. It does not take away space, and will not look nasty.

Creating a spacious living room from what is

Usually in such apartments the living room, if any, is small and narrow. And here I would like to place a comfortable sofa and a table for the reception of guests or a pleasant pastime with the family. And so that this room, at least as it corresponds to its purpose, you can take advantage of the reception of a pool of rooms. Depending on which room becomes a guest room, and which one is in the neighborhood, you can combine either with the kitchen or with the bedroom.

The most common option is to combine with the kitchen. Zoning can be with the help of partitions or properly arranged furniture. In any case, a holistic and fairly spacious room will be obtained. It will also be appropriate to highlight the zones with color. And also you can use multi-level ceilings and spotlights.

Convenient and practical

Saving space can be beautiful

In relation to the bedroom, you can also use partitions or screens, or simply hang curtains around the perimeter of the bed.

Or, in general, can not be separated by anything other than furniture, the back of the sofa can already become a kind of partition.

The color design of the living room is better to choose in neutral or light colors, especially since it is an apartment in a panel house that does not differ in size. Therefore, light colors can visually increase the space.

Panel bedroom

Regarding the design of the bedroom, the main issue is the placement of the bed. Since all other attributes can be made either a compact version or built-in, but the bed is smaller than you need not do it. Therefore, there are several options for location. The first one is a folding sofa, it is such a kind of sofa that is laid out as a double bed. That is, in the assembled form does not take up much space, but in the disassembled enough spacious and convenient option.

Sofa – transformer has long established itself as a convenient and very functional

The second option is a bed built into the niche. In the wall a special niche is made, in which the bed is gathered in the morning and closed with doors. Quite convenient, since there is absolutely no room in the room, only the issue of folding and unfolding remains. But this is all suitable for couples who want to sleep on double beds, and so that both spouses are not at the wall. Since if you put a bed in the corner near the wall, it will also save a lot of space. And for bachelors or strinenkikh spouses still can come polutorospalnaya bed or sofa.

For storing things instead of overall wardrobes – if there are no such places for them – bedside tables, hanging cabinets, built-in niches and so on are perfect. It is advisable to use any available space, for example, a place under a window, near a window and above it. The lower part can serve as a table, that is, instead of a window sill, on the sides from the bottom there can be lockers. A space near and above the window to make a niche and store there a variety of items. Thus, you can store the necessary things without overloading the space.

Sometimes you have to use a maximum of useful space

Kitchen or kitchenette .

Kitchens in panel houses do not differ in size, therefore it is necessary to take all possible steps to create comfort. Since the modest size of the kitchen does not allow you to simultaneously have a good work area, a refrigerator and a comfortable dining table.

So, there are several options, as always. The best is the connection of the kitchen with the living room. Of course, if the wall between them is not carrying and it can be demolished. If this is so, it will be a fairly spacious room, where you can fit both a comfortable working area, and a refrigerator, and a good dining table (already on the territory of the living room) and other amenities for a pleasant pastime. By the way, the dining table can act as a separator and separate the kitchen from the living room.

But! Not always lucky and the wall is not carrying. In case it can not be touched, you can make an opening with an arch instead of a door – it's very beautiful – and put a table on the wheels between them, that is, you can eat in one room or another, simply by moving the table. Thus, the refrigerator can stay in the kitchen, which makes life easier for the housewives, and the working area will not diminish greatly in size.

In the event that a small kitchen can not be connected to anything, you can resort to tricks, for example, a sliding or folding table. That is, the table can be built into the wall or recline on it. It turns out that when he does not need it, he simply does not. And then we can talk about a good working space. But, to fit a refrigerator, you can also use the hinged cabinets. Of course, they are already in every kitchen, but here it is suggested to make them shallow and very high, you can even to the ceiling. At the top, store something that is very rarely used. Thus, the lower cabinets will be much smaller and there is the possibility to place the refrigerator.

The color palette, as well as in all other rooms, should be light, if there is a desire to visually increase the space.

Bath and toilet

Bathroom and toilet, of course, also do not have enough space. Therefore, the most rational solution is to combine these two rooms. Then there can fit and a washing machine, and a comfortable bath or shower, and all the other necessary attributes. To the methods of visual expansion are light colors, mirrors, matt tiles and spotlights, creating a pleasant diffused light.

children's room

In the children's room, as in no other, the lack of space is acutely felt. It is children who need a place for games, running around and so on. Therefore, it is necessary to save space as much as possible. For example, you can put a loft bed, which will occupy the place of the window sill, and under it will be equipped with a working area or a place for storing things. It should be noted that if the bed is in such close proximity to the window, then the latter should be as tight as possible so that the draft does not harm the child's health. It is also advisable here to have built-in niches, so as not to block up space with cabinets or cabinets.

So, in our time there are many tricks, tricks and adaptations in order to even make a small apartment in a panel house comfortable, spacious and beautiful. All that is required is to approach the process with a soul and patience. Well, carefully think about everything, of course.

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