Design of a light green kitchen: advice of specialists


A very good solution for the kitchen is the use of shades of light green in its design. Juicy tones, reminiscent of spring and freshness, can not be better suited for the design of this zone.

If you are not ready to radically change the whole room, there is always an option to highlight the individual elements of the interior with bright colors. This can be a working area above the table, a dining table, chairs or the facade of a kitchen set.

Due to the juiciness of the shades used in the decoration, this kitchen will become the most favorite place in the apartment. Territory, where you can spend time with friends and with your family. Another positive side of the use of bright colors is almost imperceptible minor damage or traces from negligent exploitation. This makes the kitchen not only beautiful, but also practical in use.

If the owner of the apartment for finishing the room orders a bright color, namely a luscious green – this, of course, is a very bold decision. But designers know that choosing the desired color is just the beginning of a big and interesting work.

Very carefully you need to approach the selection of shade and colors, which will be combined with light green. The main thing is that the color is not too annoying or expressionless, thereby inducing negative emotions.

Salad color in the design of the kitchen is very popular today. You can apply several of its shades in the design to make the kitchen look more expressive, or to highlight the individual elements with brighter colors.

Let's say you can decorate the cabinets' facades with green color inserts. An interesting solution is to add to the juicy, saturated green elements that mimic the natural material. Warm shades of wood will slightly smoothen such a bright color in the decoration of the room.

Much good can be said about the green color. He has a very positive effect on the psyche, causes a sense of calm and serenity. The similarity of the salad color with the young green helps to fill the room with a feeling of freshness and lightness.

The decoration of the kitchen in this tone is especially good for those who suffer from the lack of sunny days in the winter season. And people, often arriving in a bad mood, this design will add a little bit of positive emotions and will warm on cold days.

A good solution in the design of premises with the use of light green color will be to combine it with other shades. Let's take a juicy grassy base, and add it, for example, with a calm green.

When using bright colors, the main thing is not to overdo it. The abundance of screaming colors can badly affect the psyche. In the interior, you can highlight a more succulent color of one piece of furniture or a small number of them, but the color spots should not be too much. Otherwise it will look tasteless and vulgar.

In the room, you should always keep the contrast lines. If the kitchen set is light green, then on the walls it is better to apply a light coating. And the floors are decorated in darker colors. If the walls are bright green, then the furniture should be kept in a light color, and the floor covering should remain dark to create a contrast.

The choice and use of bright colors in the design should be approached with special attention, because it is very easy to oversaturate their premises. Juicy green color is associated, first of all, with spring, young grass, it has a beneficial effect on the psyche. It is not necessary to fill the entire space with such color, you can select some elements or dilute it using a different color or material.

Bright colors always look very nice in the interior and favorably emphasize the kitchen set itself. The main thing is do not choose caustic colors, otherwise it will badly affect your physical and mental health. Green is one of the few colors that you can say "yes."

Very spring and joyful interiors are obtained using a light green color. Not the kitchen – a real antidepressant! I agree with the opinion that the main danger in this case is not to overdo the brightness. I really liked the combination of light green and white and light beige. Yellow in this case is also very fun.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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