Design kitchen sets – how to use the game of contrasts


If you find it difficult to determine the design of a kitchen set, do not be afraid to combine and match. It is the combination of different objects and textures that creates an intriguing interior. Correctly selected diverse materials will help create a stylish modern kitchen, which your guests will tell your friends with admiration.

Wonderful look floor cupboards made of dark natural wood. With them is contrasted by a translucent upper row – light cabinets with frosted glass doors. The headset consists of original high stools.

A nice, sunny addition to a small kitchen will always be a demanded yellow mixer. Diversify the kitchen accessories will be an amusing teapot, covered with enamel of any saturated color.

Glass in combination with wood

The room is in one tone. The predominant texture in the interior is a natural gray wood, which is in harmony with the white facades of the furniture. The frosted glass of the upper cabinets unobtrusively, without sharp transitions, unites all the elements of the headset.

Neutral in the color scheme the kitchen is decorated with tender lemon mimosa, a vase with berries and citrus. Such a room will look good in a modern southern cottage.

Monochrome room with bright accents

A soft combination of natural light shades of wood and painted surfaces makes the kitchen stylish and welcoming. Oval dining area, walnut-colored chairs, having rounded edges, as if unite all living in this cozy and hospitable house.

Elegant smooth dining lines

Modest, discreet shades of headsets. All furniture is made of natural materials. Used metal, glass, valuable varieties of wood.

In a calm monochrome setting, a bouquet of yellow tulips brings animation. The contrasting floor surface is not only beautiful, but also practical.

Traditional rustic cuisine

Huge cabinets, located along the perimeter of the kitchen, merge with the walls thanks to a neutral light shade. The combination of different types of wood makes it possible to single out one element. All attention is focused on the magnificent island, made of dark wood.

Equipped with bedside tables equipped with long light handles. A magnificent marble worktop with a magical intertwining of beige and brown shades blends harmoniously into the luxurious surroundings.

Wall from ergonomic high cabinets

The excellent modern kitchen uses a contrasting color scheme – a combination of warm natural wood and shiny, reflective light, white cabinets. The texture of the material is very pleasant to the touch. All kitchen utensils are stored in closed cabinets.

The light surface of the first tier is absolutely free. The correct geometric shape of the dining table, the original stylish stools – a real find of designers! – emphasize the exceptional purity and order.

Full freedom in the choice of materials, shapes, textures

A competent combination of a black bottom and a lighter material for the top, as well as a light gray covering of the floor surface make the narrow kitchen room fashionable and neat.

Small, narrow kitchen

Orange stylish kitchen furniture on the background of walls and white upper modules creates a feeling of comfort and serenity. Stunning air design is felt in every subject.

A unique transparent dining table, an interesting texture and a pendant lamp shape, warm spring shades of the headset give a lot of positive emotions.

A stunning space raises the mood

Soft blue accents slightly soften the whiteness prevailing in this kitchen. In a holistic interior brings a bright, vibrant atmosphere soft texture of sandy linoleum and a combined door made of wood and frosted glass. Such an American kitchen designer Thomas Wold sees the situation of modern cuisine.

A drop of blue does not violate harmony

If you are not ready to see the whole kitchen in the turquoise range, try painting in this delightful shade the inside of several cabinets. And then every time you open them, you will smile at your bold experiment and little secret.

Alternative to sharp contrasts

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