Delightfully beautiful kitchens: interiors, photos of which conquer you


Beautiful kitchen interiors, photos of which are abundant on all sites dedicated to design, usually have approximately the following composition: white cabinets, marble countertops and tiles in the style of the metro. Well, or something like that.

And all this is really fine, but sometimes you want to see something quite different – a kitchen with a palette, elements or details that distinguish it from the general series. We present to you five interiors that seem to have been created in order to be admired.

Beautiful cuisine: interior, photo of the kitchen with a golden island

Let's start with the interior, captured in the upper photo. Smooth black cabinets without any cut-outs and protrusions and walls, lined with a delightful tile of blue-green hue, and in themselves look impressive, but there is also a golden island, and this is a statement. That's it – a completely golden island.

Here is a snapshot from another perspective.

The color palette of the kitchen, designed by specialists of the Berlin studio Gisbert Pöppler, is very unexpected. And not immediately, but only on closer examination it becomes clear that the uniqueness of this interior is enclosed in details.

Tiny drawers and narrow shelves above them are ideal for storing small items that are used to get lost.

And the table tops located at different levels provide versatility to the design, creating comfortable conditions for performing any tasks.

Before us is just some kind of a Gothic drama in modern reading. And she's adorable!

Absolutely black cabinets from textured wood look expensive and noble, and marble countertops and an apron make the interior truly luxurious. The author of the project is Flack Studio.

The main components of this kitchen are made from reclaimed wood. Thus, designers from Berdoulat sought to give it an antique look.

Someone may think that the kitchen presented by the following photos from Pietro Russo is not so unusual.

But in addition to the golden socles there is one more interesting detail: a table top with a brass edging and a coating of black glass. Very exquisite!

Do you agree that each of these cuisines is something really outstanding?

Are these kitchens beautiful? Undoubtedly. But I can hardly imagine that someone will come to a head in such an environment to fry an omelet for breakfast. These are not the kitchens, but museum exhibits.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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