Custom kitchen layouts are great examples of design!


If you have a non-standard kitchen layout, this article is exactly what you need! Below you will find photos of an inspirational functional and cozy space.

For the kitchen in the form of an English letter L, the 2 of a number of cabinets, according to the length of the walls, will perfectly suit. Here are a few principles that need special attention.

Weigh the whole "For" and "Against"

If the design is developed in a qualitative way, the process of cooking will be organized and effective. Since in the L-shaped kitchen you can distinguish between working areas, then it is easy for it to simultaneously prepare 2 person. In this regard, and also because often such a kitchen goes into a more spacious room, during the party you have the opportunity to communicate with your friends without stopping from cooking.

The negative side of such a non-standard layout, especially if there is no room for a kitchen island, is that you will look at the wall and be back to the guests. However, it all depends on personal preferences, perhaps this moment will not bother you too much.

At the same time, the L-shaped kitchen can be improvised during the arrangement of a sink, a stove and any tall cabinets. If the walls are of different length, then it is preferable to place tall furniture on a shorter wall and as far as possible from the window, so as not to cover the source of natural light.

For example, as in the kitchen from STUDIO TO, the sink and stove are near a long wall, and the closets are higher – close the short one. They can accommodate a freezer or oven. Plate it is better to install away from the corner, closer to the opposite edge of the long wall. This will provide additional space for the second cook.

The main exception for such a layout is the presence of a window on the short part of the letter L. Then all furniture should be placed in the reverse order. For hanging cabinets, the longer side is preferable. You will have more storage space for glassware and food. It is also very convenient to keep seasonings in an easily accessible place above the stove.

If the walls of the kitchen are approximately the same length, then the tall cabinets should be placed in the same place as the stove. This will free the workspace near the sink near the adjacent wall.

The adjoining wall has a convenient place for the sink, to the left of it a drawer for the trash can, and to the right – a dishwasher. The location of equipment and cabinets can be changed depending on your preferences, as well as a window that is often located in one of the walls.

Use the most effective corner space

Corner cabinets can be extremely inconvenient to use, they have to stretch and it is not always easy to see what actually lies there. As a result, because of such an ill-conceived corner cabinet does not fulfill its functions. Here are a few solutions to improve the utility efficiency of this problem area.

An excellent solution for corner cabinets are sliding systems Le Mans and Magic Corner. They allow full use of the space of the corner cabinet. Rotating they fully extend outward, providing easy and fast access to the contents. An alternative to smaller size are round shelves that do not extend forward, but rotate around their axis.

Since these smart angular systems are located under the work surface, you do not have to carry such heavy equipment from the other end of the kitchen as a mixer or a bread maker.

Kitchen island

It is always an extra place to store food or dishes. On it at will you can place a slab or a sink. Then, on one side of the kitchen, high cabinets will look good, and on the other hand – the working surface between the floor and suspended cabinets.

If you want to equip a spot on the island for tea drinking, then you need to place it away from the stove or sink, putting around a few chairs.

Put in the kitchen a table with chairs

If the kitchen island does not fit or just does not like it, think about the dining table, the breakfast rack or even a couple of chairs attached to the work table. This is a great way to work, sit and chat, or have a snack with family or guests.

Create architectural accents on the walls and ceiling

The photo clearly shows the advantages of the kitchen in the shape of the letter L, even given its small area. Thanks to the same color and style as in the living room, the kitchen looks like its natural extension.

With the help of projecting partitions of different heights on adjacent walls and ceiling, the designers created a mobile and practical space. The built-in furniture looks very compact. It is becoming increasingly popular to make the ceiling visually deeper and more expressive through various architectural details.

Share ideas on how you can improve the design of the kitchen with a non-standard layout!

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