Creative ideas of using open shelves in the kitchen interior – an analysis of the pros and cons on specific examples


Hinged cabinets can accommodate a lot of things. But they take up a lot of space and limit space. If the kitchen environment is planned traditionally, and the lower cabinets in it are also present, then it would be most rational to proceed as follows: hide bulky and heavy objects in structures with doors, and take the upper part of the wall with open shelves to ensure visual space design.

We have prepared for you a selection of the most interesting interiors with open shelves.

On open shelves it is best to put beautiful things: colorful or transparent glass jars with cereals and spices. All you need is literally at arm's length, you do not have to search long in the depths of the cabinet: put the most prominent places that you use most often.

The decoration of the composition will be containers with products, but also beautiful dishes, neatly arranged on open shelves.

Do not overdo it, an overabundance of items on the shelves will provoke a feeling of untidiness, besides the constant erasure of dust from numerous plates and containers will take a lot of time.

Sometimes it makes sense to hang just one narrow shelf for small items, such as glasses or cups.

If you finally chose to open the shelves, do not hesitate to refuse heavy cabinets: a compact composition in one or two tiers will decorate the interior and will be an ideal place for storing cutlery. The main thing is to maintain an ideal order on the shelves, because all their contents will be in sight.

A holistic and harmonious interior will make shelves that are made of the same material as the countertop and cabinets. Culinary books will look very original in this space.

Consider the opportunity to decorate the kitchen with pots of spicy plants. Very useful and extraordinary solution.

We examined the advantages of open shelves. There are a lot of them, but there is also a rather significant drawback, because of which many refuse such designs in favor of traditional hanging cabinets. Since it is in the work area that the main stage of cooking takes place, one can imagine the abundance of greasy splashes, vapors and unpleasant odors settling on furniture. It is worth to miss one cleaning – and the kitchen will look untidy.

After analyzing all the information on open shelves, evaluate not only the positive and negative aspects, but also your capabilities.

Yes, open shelves are very convenient, if there is a place where you can hide pots and jars. And the fact that the hanging closets take away space, makes you think maybe it's really worth moving to the shelves. By the way, if you attach glass doors to such shelves, then you can not wipe the jars of fat

I agree, open shelves in the kitchen need constant care. But this is a small disadvantage compared to what can be achieved with their help: A) open shelves do not steal space; B) beautiful objects put on them, decorate any interior; C) to the things placed on the shelves, there is a quick access.

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