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In the modern world, people pay more attention to the bathroom interior than before. Now they are in no way inferior to the overall design of the dwelling. In many houses, the place where you can wash and take a shower, more like a separate full room.

A bright unusual tub on legs in the old style can set the mood for the entire room. It will be nice to go in the morning and recharge positive emotions.

And if you embody in the interior a simple rural style with elements of antiquity, you can quite feel like a resident of a ranch.

Yes, however, the bathtub, original in itself and not surrounded by a bright interior, can be a wonderful accent in the room.

The main thing is to choose for it a contrasting color or an unusual pattern.

If the room has a window from which an incredible landscape opens, then, relaxing in a soft soapy foam, you can spend as much time as you want.

Using the moderately aged effect – has always been a winning option in the design.

The choice of contrasting combination of colors in the interior is suitable for lovers of classics and minimalism.

In general, do not be afraid to play with color and texture, for example, use metal, combining it with gentle shades in the finish.

In addition to the bath itself, it is possible to install a shower cabin made of glass, harmoniously, but unusually, combined with tile and wood.

And choosing a bath of unusual shape, you can make it a "highlight" of the interior.

When you really want luxury, you can choose not a copy of the old bath, but buy a truly expensive, unique antiquarian piece of furniture. Well, in that case, the pastel colors will look good.

Using in the interior of the bathroom real brickwork or its imitation can achieve a very interesting effect, as in such rooms this design move is used rarely.

The washbasin is also part of the bathroom, so it's worth thinking about its design. It should be in harmony with the whole environment.

It would be nice to zonate the room. In one part of it there was a bath or a shower cabin, and in the other – a place for washing.

A bright, dynamic modern design can be created using original interior items, for example an unusual picture on the wall.

By combining classical colors and materials with modern elements, you can get a very distinctive interior.

For courageous people, you can suggest arranging a bathroom where there is a beautiful view from three sides through the transparent glasses.

First, it's better to choose a certain color scheme, and then from these calculations choose the rest of the content. If the room is made in one color or in cool neutral tones, then the choice of the bath itself is unlimited. However, you need to remember that the color in the interior sets his mood.

This rule applies to any styles.

Even in a black and white interior, you can find your "highlight", for example, the original cast metal column will be an excellent decoration.

Unusual bath, made in one bright color and having a non-standard form – an excellent option for fans of original solutions.

Effectively it will look like wood trim, or its imitation. A tree is generally a classic of the genre. So, if you remember, all Russian baths and Finnish saunas are finished with this material.

Wood in the bathroom can be left in its original form, and you can paint the panels with a moisture-resistant paint of any color.

Unusual bath, like with the windows of the plane – an interesting find for the designer, which will emphasize the individuality of the interior.

If the premises are quite large, then you need to take care of heating in it, so it was comfortable to be there at any time of the year.

Comfortable roomy cupboards under the sink will be indispensable for the mistress of the house. They can accommodate various jars, bottles, tubes, towels and other necessary trifles.

Screen for the bathroom will be very useful and useful for fans to take a shower standing, so that as little water as possible falls to the floor.

For holders of such screens you can come up with a variety of designs, for example, an oval bar under the ceiling.

And in his own home, located wherever year-round summer, the bathroom can be moved, for example, to the garden.

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Yes, from such a bath will not want to get out. And in fact it is possible to pick up a design exactly that which will approach you. Now, during the renovation in the bathroom I will create my own design, given my preferences. And all thanks to this article. Amazing ideas, the photo bathrooms look so attractive and beautiful.

Bathroom in the street cheerful lemon color – just a dream! So I wanted to lie down in it on a summer evening, singing birds.

All the photos have a great bathroom solution. Choose a design for your own taste is very tempting. In such beauty you can only dream.

Each option for a special beckons. Rural motifs are very relevant, they are warm, wood, and such would be happy to decorate themselves.

Baths on old legs just won my heart! And I want this! Yes, a few village notes are still present, but very clearly merge with our modernity.

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