Create an unusual room design on the theme of superheroes – your child will like it!


Among the readers there are many fans of the American fantasy film industry, which is more aimed at the children's audience. We bring to your attention 28 ideas for inviting comic heroes into our everyday world. One of the best places for their deployment will be bed dress.

If there are no preferences, then it is worth using plaids with the image of several characters at once.


This is the idol of millions of fans, since the middle of the 20 century, fighting crime through knowledge and logic without any super-abilities. Over the decades of its existence, Batman has become a hero of comics, films and animations, various games, including computer games.

Using his image in design will encourage young detective fans to imitate the character, teach them how to use their strength and knowledge to achieve their goals.

The company LEGO has released many thematic designers, among which there are dedicated to Betman. If your kid is fond of playing with such a designer or is his fan, then a gift in the form of a pillow and bedspread with the image of your favorite game will definitely like the child.

If your son likes comics or cartoons, it is better to give him quality bed linen with the corresponding figure.

Perhaps your little detective is ready to defend the city of Gotham day and night from criminals. Offer him a game: he sleeps on a bed, laid with stylized underwear and, thus, helps your favorite hero to fight with enemies.

Be a fan of different characters can not only young children, but also teenagers. Next, we offer bedding for a more adult audience. A pillow with a large image of Batman's head can become the basis for the design of the entire room. Bedspread will support the composition.

And then your attention is presented to a more vivid bedding, the use of which can demonstrate the love of the owner of the room to the superhero of many generations.

Spiderman spins his web of magic

In the 60-X year 20 century appeared an unusual character – Spiderman. It was a teenager rejected by peers, deprived of parental affection, without an adult mentor, independently knowing the world around him. He had to understand from his own mistakes that the superpower that he had had a great responsibility.

Color scale for a nursery is also important, as is the right furniture, so it's worth taking a closer look at the Spider-Man. Use of his image in a room in a bright red and blue suit will help shy guys become more bold.

Many children are happy to watch the adventures of Spider-Man in animated series and films, and then, with their inherent tenacity, lose with the toys the same scenes that were seen on the screen. Glad your child by making an original coverlet on his bed.

The next graphic solution of stylized bedding will suit not only children, but also teenagers or even adults, if they are still fans.

And the last bedding set is very bright, colorful and stylish. This design bed will cheer up any boy.


A man of steel in the modern version or superman in the past is a young man from another planet who uses his super abilities to help others, saving lives and preventing catastrophes.

Thematic textiles with its image can interest not only the fans. Using this and additional images on the walls or toys, you can find the answer to the question how to equip the children's room. Such design will become the pride of the boy and will prompt him, imitating the idol, to accomplish good deeds.

Buzz Lightyear and his friends

Telling children that toys are alive and can think, talk, make some decisions is one of the most favorite ways of building children's stories. Space Ranger – a toy given to a little boy, throughout his life teaches the child what is good and what's bad, how best to act in a given situation.

Despite the fact that the film was shot in the US, there is not much patriotic propaganda in it. This film is also interesting for the Russian audience. Therefore, among Russian children there are also many fans of the cartoon and comic books "Toy Story". For them, a real gift is the use in textiles of the image of Buzz Lighter and his friends.

A few more characters ready to save the world

The patriotism of the American people resulted in the creation of the Captain of America, which appeared during the Second World War. This superhero was created artificially, he fought on the side of the forces of good, defending his country and his people. A loved character will please both children and adolescents, if he is depicted on the coverlet. It will be ideal design of a room for a boy.

Fans of the computer film The Incredibles will definitely like the design of the following rooms. The theme is decorated with pasted pictures on the wall, bedding and toys. And the next picture shows textiles that correspond to the theme of the image.

The bright blue-green tint of the next bed set with a comic book hero and films about the Green Lantern looks stylish and will suit children of any age. After all, they also dream of receiving a ring of power and saving the world from enemies.

Then another bright set, the heroes of which became at the end of the 20 century a cult phenomenon among the masses. Transformers are intelligent machines that can transform into various vehicles and vehicles, which first fought with earthlings, and later began to protect our planet. Fans of these characters will definitely like the design of the children's rooms shown below.

The next room is a room with a blue dominant. Bedding depicting an iron man sets the style and tone of the entire interior.

In the same subject, but with the participation of other heroes, the following blanket and pillows are presented. Colors are not very callable, so the set can be used as an addition to any existing palette. This may be design of a children's room for a girl.

Another team of city defenders from the villains is depicted on a quilt and pillow. Turtles-ninjas were born in the middle of 80-ies of the last century. They quickly won their audience and are still popular. The design in the room is supported by a green rug and toys.

If the child's bedroom is made using the predominance of green, you can invite not only the mutant mutant, but also the Incredible Hulk. His story is difficult and instructive and that is why he can become an idol for many children.

Today we talked about 28 bed sets, dedicated to various characters who saved the world from terrible enemies. The use of such thematic textiles in design is justified, since it attracts attention and pleases the eye. Formation of the interior on the basis of a certain favorite hero is possible while the child likes it.

But soon the preferences of the owner of the room can change and then he will like someone else. Changing the interior with the help of textiles is not difficult, it does not require large expenses, but it can bring a lot of pleasant impressions.

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The theme of super-heroes in the interior is of course interesting, especially for boys up to 11 years approximately. They will be delighted with this room, my brother would be sure! A similar design for the girl, well, the question is controversial, although there are such girl-girls that they would like to think. But for more adults the design will have to be changed, not too seriously.

At the age of 5-10, the child begins to get involved in a single theme, and it can be cartoons, comics, for example, about superheroes. Of course he wants to have superhero toys, pictures, posters. And in addition, you can buy bed linen, which, I think, the child will also be delighted.

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