Cozy design of an old country house


We bring to your attention the design project of one private house, decorated with originality, comfort and comfort, which you can only dream of after returning after a hard day's work. The old building of a private house was reconstructed, an additional area, a glazed verandah was added. Perhaps, the original ideas for the arrangement of this home will be an inspiration for your repair or a small alteration of your own home ownership or apartment.

Exterior of a private house

To the old brick building were added additional areas – from the main entrance for the organization of a large hallway and an auxiliary room and from the back yard for the arrangement of a large kitchen-dining room with access to the courtyard.

The glazed porch has become a link between the backyard of home ownership and the kitchen-dining room. Thanks to panoramic windows and glass doors, the kitchen area is well lit for most of the day, and during the family dinner you can admire the views from the window.

From the rear entrance you can get into the kitchen space, combined with the dining room. Facing the stone tile of the site near the house continues in the kitchen. Due to the fact that several glass doors lead into the kitchen space, the room is always filled with light and fresh air, which is important for the room where food is prepared.

Interior of home ownership

Kitchen and dining room

Kitchen-dining room is a spacious room with an open plan. The system of kitchen cabinets with built-in household appliances and working surfaces of the corner layout separates the kitchen space from the dining area. The original island and a large buffet with store windows complement the kitchen set.

Kitchen island, made in country style, not only serves as an effective area with a working surface and storage systems, but also brings the identity and spirit of rural life into the interior of a country house.

An old buffet, painted in the tone of kitchen facades with a combination of storage systems in the form of open shelves, glass inserts on the doors, drawers and swinging cupboards became a highlight of the interior, containing not only most of the kitchen utensils, dishes, but also cookbooks, cutlery and accessories .

The worktop on one part of the kitchen set has been specially extended in width for arrangement of seats for sitting as a bar counter. Wooden bar stools complement the area for short meals, designed for several people.

The dining area is in the immediate vicinity of the cooking area, so the owners take a little time to set the table for a family dinner and then clean the dirty dishes. Wooden execution of a spacious dining table with carved legs and the same option of making comfortable chairs with backs, perfectly fit into the aesthetics of country style.

The image of a cozy dining area is completed by a system of pendant lamps with metal shades that bring some industry to the interior of the kitchen-dining room.

Living rooms in a cozy house

In the house there are two living rooms and each has its own fireplace – fireplace or stove. The interior of the first living room can be called a mix of elements of country style and modern stylistics. Rustic decoration of one of the walls and almost black execution of the rest brings a lot of drama to the interior of the common room. A wooden floorboard with scuffs brings the spirit of olden time and rural life, but a light gray sofa and an original arched floor lamp with a metal bubble "answer" for modern notes in the design of the living room.

The second living room combines the functions of the library and places for rest and reading. Comfortable sofas and a low coffee table are elements of a zone of comfortable rest and places for secluded reading. The collection of books is located on open shelves of the book rack, built into the space between the walls and the chimney of the fireplace.

As in the previous living room, the fireplace is the unconditional focal center of the room. The brickwork of the structure is just a frame for a black metal furnace, which will warm on a cool day, and uniqueness in the interior of the living room will bring.

Additional and utilitarian premises

If we go into the house from the central entrance, through the porch, then we find ourselves in a bright room near the staircase leading to the second floor. Snow-white walls with combined surfaces, wooden flooring and soft carpet of dark beige color create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, forming the first impression of a suburban dwelling.

A comfortable staircase with a metal frame and wooden steps leads to the second floor, where there are private rooms and utilitarian rooms. Alternation of snow-white coolness and natural warmth of wood, leads to the creation of a harmonious and cozy interior of home ownership.

In the premises of the old private house there are many interesting wall decor. Reindeer antlers and butterflies under glass in beautiful frames not only effectively dilute the snow-white palette of walls, but also bring the effect of proximity to nature in the interior of auxiliary spaces.

In the bathroom, the country style motifs in the interior show up no less than in the functional and personal rooms. The interior is very contrasting – the snow-white decoration of the walls with an alternating smooth and textured surface. dark design of the floors and apron over the sink, as well as the inclusion of wood shades for the execution of a large heavy door and furnishings.

The use of black wall tiles imitating a stone surface not only made it possible to create an original contrast in the interior of the utilitarian room, but also to form a practical design of the apron over a snow-white shell.

In the bathroom, the interior is more contrasting and dramatic – on the black background of the walls and the execution of the flooring from the dark wood, the white plumbing and the glitter of accessories for the stainless steel bathroom are spectacular.

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