Cozy and elegant options for the interior of the kitchen in the style of cheby-chic


A variant of the interior design of the kitchen in the style of the cheby-chic

The more highly technological and fast our life becomes, the more retroelements we surround ourselves with. And this trend extends not only to fashion, but also to the design of interiors. Not so long ago a new style appeared on the international design market – the so-called "shebbie-chic", that is, the "old trend", which immediately found a response in the hearts of consumers.

This direction does not accept the use of modern elements and calls to decorate the premises only with "vintage" accessories, as if they came from the past centuries. This applies to both the furniture itself and additional elements.

A familiar shade of color for the style

Conveniently, the chebby does not make the strictest demands. The image in him can be as you imagine him. The main thing is not to depart from the basic rules of decorating the kitchen.

English motifs in decoration

Find the most vivid examples of this style can be in the old photos of your grandparents. Wood should dominate the finish. But at the same time it can be combined with glass and decorative stone. Too expensive materials and pompous elements should be avoided. It's better if the items involved in the design look a bit messy and worn out.

Look for inspiration in the traditions of different countries, because each culture has its own characteristics, which can perfectly decorate your kitchen. Remember that you are not limited in any way in choosing the color scheme of the design.

If you get an excess of vintage elements, dilute them with retro parts that are close to modern aesthetics. So your design will get a little more restrained.

Retro and vintage in one space

Despite the fact that the style does not impose strict requirements on the choice of furnishings, the most preferable for inclusion in such interiors are open wooden shelves. They can be used to place dishes, fresh flowers or original accessories. In any case, you should adhere to the specified color palette and symmetry in the location of the shelves.

Open shelves for dishes

Wooden shelves in decoration

Open shelves for accessories

In addition to the usual elements of decor, you can use more daring. It can be real vegetables in a basket, pictures of dried flowers or discreet abstract drawings.

Another component, characteristic for the style of shebbi-chic, is hanging cabinets. Versions of different shapes, colors and configurations are acceptable. Authentic samples can be found on street sales or in the attic of the grandmother's house.

Outdoor hanging cabinet

Cabinet with glazed doors

Modern wardrobe with a classic design

Built-in wardrobe with a frosted glass facade

Combination of several types of cabinets

Style provides freedom in choosing colors, but white is not the most practical option. If you are not afraid of the prospect of regular cleaning, give preference to light colors that will make the interior cozy and elegant.

The predominance of white in decor

Wiped white cabinets

Almost snow-white style kitchen

Restrained interior with bright accents

Nostalgic design in light colors

For small kitchens, the ideal option is to have a small table located in the center of the room. It can be used as a place for daily meals, cooking or storing utensils.

Table in the center as an element of decoration

Mini dining table

Decorating the kitchen in the traditions of the shebbi-chic style gives you the freedom to choose furniture, color solutions and accessories. This option is perfect for you, if you are constrained in the means, but you have at your disposal old, out-of-fashion furniture. A little imagination, and, it would seem, have served their subjects will receive a second life, and you – the original kitchen.

Small kitchen in the style of a chebbi

If you are not ready for drastic changes, dilute the existing design of the kitchen with a few ideas in the style of the shebbie-chic, and in time you will realize that this is absolutely a win-win option. Create an elegant and cozy image that will delight you for many years!

For me, the style of shebbi-chic is something new. But at the same time, looking at the pictures, you understand – it's just a well-forgotten old. Natural wooden furniture, open shelves, a lot of jars for spices and cereals, as if from the past decade. All this creates an atmosphere of inexpressible calm and comfort.

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