Corner kitchens: TOP-115 photo of the perfect interior with corner kitchen


Convenient functional layout allowing maximally beneficial use of the kitchen space and the ever growing demand promise, corner kitchens 2017 year is even more popular.

Corner kitchens for small rooms

Angular kitchen in Art Nouveau style is a profitable solution in a small six-meter kitchen. Rational use of space is achieved by placing an additional surface along the window. The facades of the upper modules are made of translucent materials in aluminum frames and will add to the interior simplicity and elegance. Underlining them with color, you can achieve the illusion of a spatial increase in the room. A railing system made of transparent or chrome plated metal will help compactly place kitchen accessories and will advantageously beat the design.

A few more ways to compact the use of space:

  • Replace the windowsill on the countertop, thus adding a work area;
  • Increase the height of the suspended modules to the ceiling;
  • Place the oven on the floor cabinet;
  • Place the cupboard over the refrigerator, having reached the effect of the built-in;
  • Install multi-level countertops;
  • Use the system of saving corner space so-called carousels or rational sliding corners;
  • Install a multi-tiered railing system with a variety of accessories.

For the functional convenience of the corner kitchen, there are some recommendations:

  • between the cooking surface and the sink it is desirable to arrange a section of the working surface;
  • if it is possible to install a two-piece compact plate;
  • A winning option is the placement of a sink in the corner;
  • for a microwave oven, use hanging cabinets without facades;
  • folding or pull-out dining table an excellent solution;

When designing the angular kitchen design, remember that even in such a small space, the distance from the refrigerator to the cooking surface or to the oven should be at least 20 cm.

Kitchen with a large area

In a large square kitchen you can make any design decisions. Sufficient space allows you to divide space into working and dining areas. Angular kitchen with a refrigerator built into the headset, looks unburdened, with a large number of all kinds of lockers. Located even along three walls, it does not seem cumbersome.

  • When planning the design, it is desirable to place a "triangle" plate-sink-refrigerator in close proximity to each other, to prevent unnecessary movements.

    A variety of new corner kitchen revolving and retractable mechanisms, contribute to the use of all the space of the corner pedestals. The place in which it is mistakenly considered poorly accessible, and often empty.

  • Corner kitchen with breakfast bar

    Modern trends dictate fashion for big kitchens. In small-sized apartments, the solution will be the design of the studio. In the design, the bar rack with a rotating element system will win. Which will delimit the kitchen and dining areas. If you are a happy owner of a large kitchen, the presence of a rack will give the interior creativity and ease, adding a holiday atmosphere. Increasingly popular for apartment studios are buying corner kitchens to order with a bar counter. Based on your wishes, designers will create a unique functional design that emphasizes your personality.

    Dignity of corner kitchens with a refrigerator and a bar counter

    • Will fit into any style;
    • Preferred for kitchens of any size;
    • The rack can replace the dining table.

    Discussing with the corner kitchen anglers to order is always possible to see catalogs with photos of corner kitchens. A huge variety of furniture fittings will make even the most demanding customer happy. Rational angles and carousels, railing systems with accessories, retractable baskets and "Cargo" systems. Will make time in the kitchen comfortable and convenient

  • The correct organization of repairs in the kitchen

    Any repair begins with the dismantling. And the repair in the kitchen brings a lot of additional inconveniences, because of the need to cut off the water supply system, the sewage system and gas supply. In order to avoid technical misunderstandings during repair work, it is desirable to make a project. A preliminary layout of the hob, oven, refrigerator and sink location is required for the exact location of the communications.

    To begin with, you will have to empty the kitchen room of all household items.

    If you plan to install a sink in a new location, you can not avoid replacing the water and sewage pipes.

    It is necessary to determine the heating system. An alternative to wall radiators can be a system of floor heating. In this case, you do not have to model the kitchen set from the location of the battery.

    The next stage will be the installation of electrical wiring, and boxes for household appliances.

    It is necessary to make an accurate measurement of the distances between the walls, the height of the ceiling to calculate the size of the kitchen modules.

    You can proceed with the installation of the kitchen apron.

    We bring the ceiling in the proper form. Stretch or gypsum plasterboard in several levels. Strict geometric shapes or flowing lines. Depends on the configuration of the selected furniture.

    Laying tiles or moisture resistant laminate, will be the completion of the installation of the floor covering.

    The final stage in the repair of wall decoration, the installation of outlets and switches.

    After this stage, you can install furniture.

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