Corner banquets in the kitchen – a great idea for the implementation of dreams of a luxurious interior


Everyone who has an apartment, tries to make its design chic and unique. Often the question arises: how to diversify the interior of the kitchen, so it was not only convenient, but also unique?

In this regard, corner bureaus are an ideal solution. They are perfect for a casual conversation, comfortable rest, reception of guests and eating. Many believe that these elements are suitable only for spacious rooms. However, designers successfully deny this opinion, proving that even in a small kitchen they will be quite appropriate.

Arrangement of spacious kitchens

For spacious chic spaces, a comfortable sofa can be an ideal option, which is installed in the corner. In this case, the table used in the interior, with ease, decomposes if necessary. For convenience, it is desirable to slightly elevate the structure above the floor. This will solve for the seated a frequently occurring problem: where do you put your feet?

Standardly believe that in such structures must be present soft elements. However, when using comfortable surfaces instead of them from natural wood, the country style is easily played out. In this case, the original shelf can become an extension of the backrest.

Arranging a sofa in the whole wall, stylized with a huge number of pillows, helps to bring a touch of the East. It is desirable to add bright carpets. An interesting solution would be to put several small ones instead of one central table.

If you are afraid of the emphasis on the angularity of space, brighten it with the help of such furniture. Elegant dining group with rounded soft seats can soften any interior.

Surprisingly, designers suggest using angular structures and solve the problems of too large spaces. An extensive dining group, several chic armchairs with armrests, a variety of hanging and overhead lamps perfectly handle the task of making a more compact huge kitchen. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to organize an extraordinarily cozy dining room.

Booths in the premises of a small square

Even if the kitchen space does not give the opportunity to turn around the flight of fantasy, do not give up the corner designs. In this case, they simply acquire a slightly different plan.

The combination of the old-fashioned concept with modern design allows to achieve the maximum uniqueness of the premises. To soften the angularity of the style helps a small round table, which also leaves room for unimpeded maneuvering around.

Developers of interiors offer to make similar designs more functional. This is successfully achieved by using space under the seat as a storage system.

Additional seats around the table can be equipped with outboard chairs. However, they do not necessarily have to match the color and texture with other furniture. This will make the design even more modern and refined.

For extremely busy premises, a unique solution can be the equipment of a small coffee zone. It is ideal not only for tea, but also for working on a laptop or even lunch in a narrow family circle.

Many are trying to expand the kitchen at the expense of the adjacent balcony. If in this case there was a window to the entire wall from floor to ceiling, an interesting solution would be to give up the backrest in the seats. Due to this, the overview is not obscured, and nothing distracts from viewing the species.

This option is also suitable for rooms where windows face two sides. For greater comfort, the pillow helps to replace the back with success.

An attractive solution is to force the outer corners to also work on the designer. An interesting table allows you to save considerable space and refuse to eat outside the dining area.

When creating an interior dream, it's important not to be afraid to experiment. Regardless of whether a small kitchen or it is huge, the competent use of key elements helps to achieve maximum comfort and coziness.

Great idea for decorating the kitchen! More like the option with light upholstered furniture. This will fit into any interior of the dining area. We also want to establish a beautiful banquet. Judging by the photo, this is the right decision.

As long as I can remember, in the kitchen there was always a corner sofa – both in the parents' house and in their own. I can not even imagine myself different. All the examples from the article look amazing. I'm sure they will not be an inspiration for one repair.

A beautiful photo of angular banquets in the kitchen for every taste. How diverse they turn out, can be both in shape and size and in the material from which they are made. It is also worth noting that they did not ignore the small kitchens, for families living in a small area, you can also choose a wonderful option.

The corner dining area is very nice and interesting, and this option can be suitable for both a small kitchen and a large one. After all, you can put a round table, and you can have a large table, where one side will be chairs, and on the other a sofa or a banquet. Excellent selection of kitchen facilities.

Welcome to our kitchen design resource! We created a collection of unusual and attractive kitchen interiors and decor ideas for decorating your home.

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