Compact wine coolers in the interior of modern kitchen


Compact wine coolers in the interior of modern kitchens – a functional design solution with many options in decoration.

Proper storage of wine these days is not the whim of the owners of large luxury mansions, but the usual function of modern cuisine in a city apartment or a country house. If before it seemed that only spacious rooms can accommodate special equipment to maintain the necessary climate, in which the wine will be preserved without loss of properties, nowadays it is possible to place a wine cooler in any house.

Designers come up with many new ways to introduce coolers for wine in kitchen design or small rooms with high humidity. If you want to keep your drinks at the appropriate temperature, but still did not know where to put the refrigerator, then our selection of ideas for you!

We offer our readers a few interesting solutions.

Let's start with the simplest: you can put a small wine cooler in the place of one of the lower cabinets. Integrated in the kitchen island, it will be rationally used and will not affect the general appearance of the premises.

Another interesting option for a wine cooler is the location of its side-by-side with the main refrigerator.

One of the main trends of modern cuisine is the allocation of the kitchen island more and more functions. Designers integrate into this comfortable work station sinks, dishwashers, various boxes. Of course, wine coolers were no exception.

For example, you can build a wine cooler in the end of the island.

And here is another example of the end position of the wine cabinet, but already in the wider island, where two cameras can be located right away – for white and red wine separately.

Well, if you want to boast of your own vinotheque, then place the refrigerator in the base of the kitchen island facing the living room or dining room.

And this is an example of the successful integration of a wine cooler into the design of a kitchen cupboard. The glass door of the device echoes with the design of the doors in the upper tier of the cabinet, which gives the whole composition a balanced and balanced look. Such introduction of modern household appliances in the classical interior does not affect the overall mood of the room and does not violate the style of design.

This is what the kitchen looks like, where the same buffet is located. It acts as a kind of bridge between the kitchen and the next room.

And here the wine refrigerator is adjacent to the coffee machine. This is a logical arrangement, because in the morning after a stormy party you will definitely want to drink hot coffee.

This luxurious built-in wine cabinet is a whole system for storing wine. The upper part stores drinks that are sufficiently room temperature, and the lower tier provides cooling for other varieties. Also in this versatile cabinet there is a place for storing a variety of glasses.

In open-plan kitchens where there is no island, the wine cooler can be arranged in the built-in cupboard, where everything you need to prepare drinks for the hosts and guests is stored. Coolers for wine have created a center of symmetry in this kitchen set, and their finish is identical to the material from which the cabinet is made.

Take a closer look – the color scheme of the kitchen apron and countertops echo the colors that are found on the labels of bottles.

For serious collectors who have enough space, there is a tasting room with the ability to store hundreds of bottles and all the necessary wine attributes.

Modern cupboards for storing dishes can include two options for placing wine bottles – in the upper part there are cells for drinks stored at room temperature. In the lower half of the cabinet there is a wine fridge, the doors of which are made of the same material as the kitchen set.

This buffet in a light color scheme perfectly matches with the silvery decor of household appliances made of stainless steel.

This wine cooler was decided to be placed in a niche designed in the form of an arch. For a traditional kitchen design with elements of country style, this decision was logical.

This bar space contained many different textures, textures and shades. The stainless steel on the wine cooler is combined with the material of Jamaican bar stools, and the glass doors add depth to the space.

The glass showcase for the dishes creates an organic balance for the wine cooler located under it.

Stainless shelves of this roomy cooler for wine complement the furniture fittings of the kitchen ensemble. The combination of dark wood and shiny metal looks really aristocratic.

This is a wine cooler on 34 bottles with two cooling zones. It fits easily into any kitchen set. Glass, steel and natural wood will become a harmonious addition to your furniture for the kitchen or the foundation of the island.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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