Compact kitchen design in an open-plan house: an unexpected treatment of an eclectic style


A family of four moved from New York to San Francisco and asked the architect Paige Loksi to develop a kitchen interior design in their house with a non-standard layout. Eclectic style, chosen by the author of the project as a basis, gained special expressiveness through the use of gray, orange and cream colors in addition to unique dark furniture. Stunning original apron to the ceiling gives a truly luxurious look. Now you can feel at home on any coast.

Customers had a clear vision of the style of their home. "They wanted something eclectic and unique, but not sober," says Loczi. Reclaimed wooden table, industrial lighting and a bold color scheme based on a mix of blue and orange colors are amazingly combined in the interior.

Kitchen interior before reconstruction

До: cluttered kitchen space did not allow to use the spacious footage of the house. The liberation of the walls and the passage between the cooking area and the dining room made it possible to create a new open large room. There is a lot of light and a wonderful view from the window.

After: the couple have two young daughters, so they used reliable durable materials. Loczi carefully mixed the base, texture and shades to balance the dark cupboards and match the rest of the house.

Wall cladding: Metallic Raffia, Blue Silver, Donghia.

The corner sofa creates a cozy place for snacks. A woven wall cover adds one more unusual element.

Using a tile with a ceramic finish, the designer put the apron to the ceiling. According to the project, open shelves were planned by the masters. But, seeing the result of the decorative design of the walls, the customers decided not to add anything.

Although the location of the kitchen space is now more square than before, some parts of the original layout still remain. For example, placing the radiator below the window overlooking the back yard.

Among the capacious storage systems on the opposite wall, there was a place for a spacious refrigerator and household appliances.

This walk-through kitchen occupies a large area. But the proper organization of space allows us to get products from the refrigerator without worrying and unnecessary movements, to process them and cook them. Everything is at hand!

And you, dear readers, are interested in the benefits of a non-standard layout in your own house?

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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