Comfort and warmth of wood in the interior of the kitchen


A strict tree in the interior of Greek cuisine

A high-quality wood in the interior of the kitchen is a well thought out design move. This technique is much different from the commonly used materials, such as marble and stainless steel.

The tree keeps the heat, and the rudeness of the interior is perfectly combined with luxury. This design deprives the interior of excess elegance. It turns out, residents of the apartment will be able to fully concentrate on cooking.

The photo above shows a Greek summer house, in the kitchen of which there is a table with a wooden finish and a smooth top and white walls.

A stand-alone cabinet in combination with stainless steel is an excellent addition to the traditional base.

The wiped "Vintage Tree" both on the kitchen floor and at the bottom of the table, creates a rich view in the Canadian House & Home. Photo from Celerie Kemble's Black & White.

Wooden furniture in Amsterdam cuisine will look organic in any context.

Luxaflex used such an interior to highlight the simplicity. However, the lower cabinets concentrate all attention.

The wood in the interior of the kitchen looks very good. This eco – friendly material helps to create an especially cozy atmosphere in any room and the kitchen is no exception. The only thing that confuses me in this idea is that the wooden surfaces do not tolerate moisture very well.

The use of wood in the interior of the kitchen gives it a touch of retro or country style. I see in this a cozy simplicity, pleasant to the eye.

A tree in the interior of the kitchen can create absolutely any atmosphere. Rich, modest, Slavic, pagan and so on. It is very important to have a taste and skills of the designer to choose everything very harmoniously without violating the atmosphere of the kitchen and leaving a pleasant impression for everyone who entered.

A tree in the interior of the kitchen is a win-win option. Since ancient times, this style has given luxury to the room, and this is unchanged. Beauty!

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