Colors of appliances for the kitchen: bright accents for the transformation of the interior


Colors of technology for the kitchen – a powerful design tool for transforming the interior with bright accents.

When the kitchen is fitted with a table top, tiles are laid, the floor is covered, something to change in their appearance is a troublesome business. However, the color scheme of the interior, which was developed for several years, can be changed – and without any problems. If you understand that your kitchen lacks brightness, when the repair is almost finished, then there is a way to fix it. How? This is our story.

Household appliances for the kitchen – modern and retro-style – are widely represented on the market today. Therefore, the one that does not suit you in color, to replace easily and simply. It is not difficult to add new colors to the overall kitchen color.

Mechanical home scales in retro style. Many housewives in the desk drawer have a plastic electronic device for weighing food. He can not decorate the interior as these old scales with a large capacious cup and scale, in such an accessible form showing the exact weight. Even if you do not use them for their intended purpose, put it on the table as a vase for fruit.

Retro coffee maker. Buy and put in a prominent place a red espresso machine in retro style. She will decorate the situation and create a good mood in the process of making her favorite espresso.

Many love only home-made pastries and often use a special device that makes it easy to prepare the dough. Therefore, it constantly stands in a prominent place. Today, you can choose any color – and your white kitchen will not look monotonous and boring.

Orange toaster. White or stainless steel device for making toast looks dull compared to bright and colored, bringing with it the revival of the color solution of the whole room.

Electric hand mixer. This is another everyday kitchen tool that pleases with its appearance. Red buttons enhance the bright lemon color of the device.

Red grill. This tool can also be presented in different colors, so that you can choose the most attractive one for you. In addition, such a device has a huge plus: on any colored surface, the spots appear not so noticeable as on white, and they will be easier to remove so that there is not a trace left of them.

Yellow gas stove. Many dream of a plate white, black or made of stainless steel. But each of them will be very badly combined with a bright kitchen apron.

Color multivark. This saucepan has to be kept on the hob for a long time. Sometimes a housewife is forced to watch her for several hours in a row. Therefore, let this capacity please the eye with its bright, attractive "color".

Mixer for ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt. In the summer, this device is in demand more than ever – and is used almost every day. If such a colorful ice cream maker stands out, he will certainly cause a desire to cook and eat some chilled or frozen product.

Compact portable blender. They are almost daily enjoyed by someone who loves a thick drink from chopped vegetables, berries or fruit. Blenders are now sold in different colors and come complete with colored caps and cups.

Submersible blender. To use such a beautiful blue instrument is a pleasure. And every housewife loves to be surrounded by bright and interesting objects in the kitchen.

Gray toaster casing. It also complements the color variety of your kitchen.

A color microwave oven is for a child. Her rich tone attracts the attention of children, because they like colorful things. Microwave should be in such a place that the child could have access to it. Do not worry, it's completely safe!

Cthsq milk frother. Fans of latte – a milk-based beverage based on coffee – it is difficult to do without this machine. It is easy to use, and its shape is very concise. By the way, just pour milk into it and press the button, and in a few seconds the ideal addition to the espresso will be ready.

Juicer for citrus fruits. Lemon-green color is always welcome in the white kitchen. Tinted juicer is an additional decoration of your home galley.

A machine for making pasta. If it is made of stainless steel, its cold color is rather boring. Therefore, place it in a closed closet. But such a bright red device can be left in sight. The general view of the premises will not change for the worse.

Apparatus for fondue preparation. A bright red pot with black forks can be left on the table or on the shelf as an ornament. Although it looks good in every corner of the kitchen.

Colored coffee grinder. As you can see in the photo, it can be very attractive tones. In any case, this is another colorful decorative element that adds brightness to your kitchen.

Orange refrigerator in retro style. It looks amazing with its rounded corners and old-fashioned handles! All guests will certainly pay attention to it and be surprised.

Rice cooker. Household appliances for the kitchen can have in the set and such a rather boring apparatus. It is desirable that it was not gray, not white, but at least a little colored. An example is this photo.

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