Classics of design – light kitchen 10 m. Provence style


Multi-level ceiling with matte graphics

Provence style is perfect for a light kitchen area of ​​10 m 2. The colors inherent in it, gray-blue and creamy, make the room light, and the furniture, specially aged, creates coziness and harmony.

Huge dining table for a large family

All materials made from the table top (stone) and cabinets (wood), apron (glass) and curtains (wool), as well as panels on the wall (cotton) – only natural. Thanks to this, the interior of the kitchen 10 m 2 turned out to be classic, in light colors.

Paradise flowers and birds on the wall

The ceilings in modern apartments are low and far from the necessary proportions. Chandeliers, inherent in the classic interior, are not suitable for low ceilings. The designers who worked on this project found the right solution: they replaced the central luminaire with a stained-glass "window" in the ceiling with a bright backlight.

Spotlight for ceiling stained glass

The lighting system of the kitchen 10 and 2 is complemented by: spotlights, aristocratic floor lamp, LED lighting of the work surface and the top of the kitchen cabinets.

Floor lamp in the French style

Spot lights for lockers

In order for the kitchen to have the right shape and proportions, the refrigerator was hidden in the far corner. Now the table can be approached from all sides.

Sofa in sea colors

The working area of ​​the kitchen is in the form of the letter "G". The cabinets are made of good wood, the table top is made of stone. Such a stone surface can be used as a cutting board, as well as put pans and pans in a hot state. Scratch and no traces on it will remain.

Multifunctionality and capacity of the kitchen set

Built-in retrostile technique

The kitchen set contains not only a dishwasher, an oven, but also capacious, multifunctional boxes and shelves for storing utensils and various kitchen trifles.

Dishwasher and capacious boxes

In this interior, all free space is effectively used. A large loggia is combined with the main room of the kitchen, and there is a spacious closet on it, which is a continuation of the kitchen set.

Spacious wardrobe on the loggia

On the balcony integrated into the kitchen there was a wonderful place to relax, where you can drink a cup of coffee, while admiring the view from the window. There is a comfortable rattan chair and a miniature table.

Resting place (top view)

Design solutions for an armchair and a table

The dining table was designed by designers specially for this project. At this table, you can not only eat, but also use it as a working surface, and a substitute is an independent artistic element.

Serving the table in the best French traditions

Podrostol – decorative element

Porcelain is the best floor covering for classical cuisine 10 m 2 in light colors. Its texture resembles a wooden board, and strength is a stone.

Light granite in the kitchen

Porcelain tiles on the loggia

Turquoise tiles, the dullness of the walls and the colorful panels behind the couch perfectly fit together.

A few soft pillows for convenience

Registration of the entrance door

The oven and hob are made in retro style, which fits perfectly into the overall picture of the room. The refrigerator and dishwasher are located behind the wooden facades of the lockers, without disturbing the harmony of the design.

Cooking surface in retro style

Stylish decor elements of built-in appliances

Brass knobs for gas flow regulation

Modern plasma in the kitchen in the style of Provence

Brass faucet in retro style

Glass tile apron

Corner in the kitchen in a classic style

Fragment of the panel on the wall

Upholstered furniture on high legs

The rack type of the battery

Textiles in pastel colors

Decor curtains with ties

Window and door to the loggia

The layout of furniture in the kitchen 10 m2

Layout of the kitchen in color

The designers of this project tried to cheer. In such a small kitchen, not only the furniture with built-in appliances was correctly placed, but also a full-fledged dining area. And thanks to the bright colors in this kitchen, it is nice to assemble the whole family. Separate praise is also attached to the kitchen a loggia with panoramic windows.

Such a kitchen is the limit of the dreams of the mistresses. The classic and natural interior is obtained, though. Built-in appliances here, as it is impossible, by the way. Very successfully connected here retro and Provence.

Stunning interior design of classical cuisine. Here, probably, there are no minuses. Light furniture fits perfectly with the wood texture of the floor covering and a gray-blue sofa. Designers did not forget about the balcony, which became a continuation of the kitchen. For once, I am amazed at the work of the architects, they were able to take into account all the nuances.

I think the Provence style is suitable for a kitchen of any size. But in this case it turned out very cozy! I did not think that you could put a sofa in such a small kitchen. Very interesting solution, I'll take a note.

Very nice design for such a small kitchen turned out. The style of Provence was well suited for the kitchen, the delicate palette of flowers widened the space, filled the room with heat. An interesting solution for the kitchen apron with the use of glass blue tiles.

Excellent use of small space and combined with the style of Provence. The decoration of the whole kitchen, of course, is a wall with flowers and birds. Serving the table led by a vase of flowers complements the entire style of the kitchen.

Very interesting and modern version of the kitchen interior. I consider it bold enough, since it is rather difficult to keep such a small and cozy dining room in light colors in perfect purity. Especially liked such decor elements as figurines and candles, as well as a lamp. They create a special feeling of coziness.

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