Classic style, adapted to the modern rhythm of life: 9 stylish ideas for kitchen interior


Kitchens in the classical style do not become less popular, despite the emergence of new trends, materials, technologies and ideas about the functionality of the interior. The visual impression is of great importance, along with the practical properties of space. By giving preference to the classic elements, homeowners provide their kitchen with a timeless look that will never cease to be relevant.

The kitchen is a unique space in the house, which plays a huge role in the life of the family. Traditionally it performs one main function, serving as a cooking area, but in modern conditions it is much more than just a zone where food is prepared. This room is the heart of any house full of life, warmth and communication.

Functionality and elegance

In this case, all attention is concentrated on the basic materials and structures. As a rule, modern examples of design are focused on something unique, which is not always easily perceived by all the inhabitants of the house. But the classical style is more refined and uncomplicated to visual perception.

However, today the designers have learned to combine all the best from different epochs, so that the image turned out elegant and at the same time original.

Bright mix of colors and textures

Oversized wooden beams attract attention and harmoniously fit into the interior due to their natural appearance. Also, bright colors and textures are added here, which brings a sense of modernity to the room. An unusual solution seems to be an open rack with mirror finish.

Of the usual attributes in the interior design of the kitchen here are checkered fabric, roller blinds and chic facades headset. Of the unconventional elements in the image involved luxurious chandeliers and an oversized island with a sink.

As classical components, the following details are used here: a beautiful apron made of tile laid with a herringbone, a slightly protruding deep sink, a mixer, the legs of the central working area with carved decoration. To modernity, the picture is adapted blinds, accents of stainless steel, marble countertop.

Magnificent sex of black and white cells in checkerboard pattern, tiled walls, a chair that adds nostalgia to the atmosphere, and furniture finish belong to the traditional manner. But the abundance of natural light from large windows and lighting devices remind us that we always try to adapt the modern even the classic kitchen interior.

Connection of different epochs in one image

Although the picture as a whole looks executed in a single style, there are still fragments, which, considering separately, can be attributed to another time interval. Especially interesting is the open workspace.

Perfection in every detail

Required attributes of the classical style of design are a seductive marble countertop, a luxurious façade of a large island and a decorative chandelier. Also effective strokes of this trend in the design are architectural elements of stylish furniture and even a stove, although it is made of modern material, which slightly dilutes the monochrome interior.

The cabinets' facades, contrasting with the dark wooden floor, blend harmoniously with the elegant chairs in the dining area. And even open bookshelves, which, though unusually, but harmoniously merged into this image, recall the modern rhythm of life.

Noble color variations and organic materials, gilding imitations, patterns and drawings belong to the imperturbable classics. Here, the designer added a few stylish accents, which look balanced against the general background.

Classical cuisine will always be relevant. The timeless style is popular due to the cozy and harmonious atmosphere created by him, the calm atmosphere. But our life brings in the life of their adjustments, which are displayed in several fragments of the project. Such changes can be easily imagined as creative ideas for the interior, harmoniously combining them with the traditional chic.

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