Choosing cabinets and facades for the kitchen are wonderful examples of designer creativity


The kitchen is often the aesthetic center of the house. A large area is occupied by cabinets and facades. We will talk about how to make cabinets not only practical, but also beautiful, to enhance creativity of the interior. There are several ways for this.

Doors of kitchen furniture as a basis of interior

For many modern and minimalist kitchens, cabinets with simple straight lines and shiny surfaces are typical. Some prefer a traditional interior richly decorated. Designers advise first decide on the style. Then choose the design of the doors that match the interior of your kitchen.

Dark wood coloring is ideal for traditional houses, while neutral colors can make more eclectic. Look at the catalogs of special offers for furniture, doors, before going to the store. However, you can pick up the accessories, and instead of buying new furniture decorate the old.

State-of-the-art white kitchen cabinets

Modern accessories as an accessory

Just as jewelry or accessories attract attention to a person, so can the cabinets be transformed using accessories made of different materials: nickel, brass, copper or bronze. Finishing of wrought iron and glass, new materials is in constant development, so store shelves are regularly replenished with new samples.

If you prefer a strict kind of handles for cabinets, take a closer look at manufacturers who offer integral recesses for the hand. These pieces of furniture are beautiful in themselves and do not require decoration with accessories.

Fashionable kitchen design with beautiful accessories

Combine styles and colors

Previously, kitchen cabinets, as a rule, were monophonic. In recent years, buyers are discovering new options for combining shades in furniture sets. Choose a color that contrastively separates the work area or the upper cabinets from the lower ones.

If you like bold colors, it is better to use bright details in the interior, and the main space and furniture let them be more natural and neutral tones. Your kitchen cabinets will transform, turning from boring to spectacular, attract the attention of guests and give pleasure to you. Cooking will always be a joy.

We hope that our useful tips will help you to update the furniture and give her a new life.

Ultra-modern kitchen design with beautiful accessories

Splendor and severity

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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