Choosing a window design for a private house


Unlike the owners of standard apartments, owners of private houses are not limited in the choice of shape, size and design of window openings, at least at the stage of building planning. If you plan to erect a house or rebuild a particular room, then the question of choosing the design of window openings sooner or later will arise.

Windows are usually called the eyes of the house and this is not surprising, because the design of the window largely depends on both the exterior and the interior of your home. Window openings create the character and individuality of the building, form its appearance. This is what concerns the facades of buildings. If we talk about the interior of the rooms, the windows often occupy almost the entire wall in the room and very much this wall is opposite the entrance, which means that it inevitably affects the perception of the outer appearance of the space.

Successfully designed windows can transform the simplest interior design. As well as the inappropriate shape of the windows are able to spoil the efforts of designers. After all, windows allow you to control the atmosphere of the room, the level of illumination and even the color palette.

However, it can not be said that there is a universal version of the window, suitable for any interior and exterior of the building. Each time, homeowners together with designers and architects create a unique image of the home, mixing different elements, designs and details using more and more modern technologies.

We hope that an impressive selection of interiors of private households, which depict various rooms by the way of decoration and the design of window openings, will help you choose your ideal window design for your own home.

Panoramic windows

Recent trends in architecture and interior design tend to use large panoramic windows. Wall-to-wall glazing, or glass walls in general, is not only an opportunity to let in the maximum possible amount of natural light into the room, but also a way to dramatically change the appearance of the room, its nature and essence.

Perhaps because of the mentality influenced by the climatic features of our country, most of our compatriots believe that more panoramic windows are not for Russia, that it is "too cold". Because of the fear of freezing in the midst of the harsh Russian winter, many homeowners limit themselves in the opportunity to enjoy sunlight as much as possible during the day. And it's not just about private and shared rooms, but also about utilitarian premises. In our country, you can rarely see the bathroom in a standard apartment with a window. The same applies to auxiliary rooms.

But modern energy-saving technologies allow us not to worry about frosts, a large and bright window can be warm and functional. But this does not mean that the rule "the bigger the window, the better it will be", acts in all situations. Of course, you need to consider the size and design of the window opening, based on the overall concept of the entire room.

Panoramic glazing can dramatically transform your bedroom, for example, by erasing the boundaries of space. If your window has a beautiful view, then why not let it penetrate into the room? Thanks to modern technology, owners of private houses, mansions and cottages can afford the luxury of waking up with the first rays of the sun and watching the sunset from their own bedroom or living room.

Ribbon glazing

This is how several consecutive glass blocks are called, which are located one after the other and from the side resemble a transparent tape. Obviously, for different rooms, the height and length of such tapes can vary significantly. Ribbon glazing is able to add light and air to a strict modern design.

Recently in design projects of kitchens it is often possible to notice tape glazing which serves as an apron (or its part), settling over working surfaces of kitchen space. Among the obvious advantages of this arrangement of window openings, you can note the high level of illumination of the most important zones of the kitchen, not to mention the fact that it is much more pleasant to cook a delicious dish or to wash dishes if you can look at an excellent view of nature outside the window.

Glazing can occupy the entire wall above the work surfaces or occupy only a narrow strip. It all depends on whether you planned on placing the top tier of kitchen cabinets in your cooking area.

There is an option to create parallel tape glazing, in which you do not need to sacrifice the upper tier of kitchen storage systems. Of course, this option of enriching the kitchen with natural light is suitable for rooms with sufficiently high shelves.

Of course, ribbon glazing can be used not only in kitchen areas. Living rooms, offices, dining rooms and even bedrooms can harmoniously fit into your interior a row of glass blocks, one after another.

Custom shape

Currently, in addition to the standard for all rectangular shapes, it is possible to produce an energy-saving window of any configuration – round, oval, triangular, trapezoidal and in the form of a diamond. Unusual shape instantly changes the appearance of the building and affects the interior of the room. Of course, making a non-standard window, or, more simply, not a rectangular shape, will take longer, and the cost will be higher. But the time and financial costs will pay off when you can see the image of your home outside and inside.

The original element of the interior of the room can be round windows – portholes. For this, it is not necessary to design a room in a marine style, traditional furnishings or modern style will look harmonious with round window openings.

A window with a curved top can transform any interior. It will take more time to manufacture and install, but you will enjoy the room's excellent lighting and the excellent appearance of the room for a very long time, so that the costs will be justified.

Arched window perfectly emphasizes the classic lines of the interior and is able to transform the appearance of the room alone. The contrasting decoration of the window overlays in dark tones against the background of the light decoration of the room, instantly makes it the focus of attention around which the whole concept of space design is built.

Corner window

Not so long ago, designers around the world began to use this interesting constructive technique, with which two windows connect at a right angle, forming a glass corner. If the windows are large enough, the line between the external environment and the interior of the room is practically erased, creating the impression of the presence of the portal in nature.

Turning and folding windows

As a rule, rotary and folding structures have small windows. Often such window models are used in utilitarian rooms, such as corridors, bathrooms, store rooms and laundries, sometimes in the kitchen.

Turning windows in a dark contrasting frame serve not only as a source of light and fresh air, but also an element of the decor of the room, I successfully harmonize the decoration of the staircase.

Folding windows can often be found in the bathrooms. Even small window openings can provide you with the necessary level of illumination. In addition, for rooms with high humidity, the function of airing comes first. Fine, if you manage to organize an alternative option for natural ventilation, in addition to electrical hoods.

And this is already a variant of the hinged window with latches, thanks to which it is possible to keep the window in the open state without effort. An excellent solution for a private home – you can eat on the street, admiring the sunset, and the food is transferred directly from the kitchen, through the window-counter.

Windows for attic rooms

Attic and mansard spaces are not an easy place to organize living rooms. The construction of the roof, assuming the windows in the original version is infrequent. Therefore, it is better to decide at the stage of planning the building whether you will use the attic or attic and which rooms you want to place there, this will determine the number and scale of the window openings.

Obviously, arranging an office, a library or a nursery in an attic or attic, it is necessary to provide a room with a sufficiently high level of illumination. In our country there is a certain stereotype about attics – this is a dark, dirty and uninhabited premise, where, as a rule, the hosts put up any unused (or rarely used) belongings. But these are additional square meters that can be rationally used, increasing the number of living rooms or utilitarian premises. After all, no matter how large the private house was, there is still not enough room.

Material, color and texture

Undoubtedly, the leader in the market of windows now can safely be called plastic energy-saving profiles, but this does not mean that the wood has ceased to be used as materials for manufacturing window frames. Especially, if it is a question of window apertures of private and country houses which are often made out in country style or with use of those or other elements of country stylistics.

But at the present time, laminated profiles with a polymer film are actively used, which is able to imitate any textures. Of course, "wooden" surfaces are most often ordered from manufacturers of window profiles. And this is quite obvious, because the fashion on wooden surfaces never passes.

With the help of a polymer film, you can create a visual reproduction of almost any material, for example, metal, stainless steel.

Even in a standard white plastic window, there is an option to show individuality, not ordering a black sealant, which is located between the frame and the glass, but, for example, gray. Thus, you can smooth the contrast, not to mention the fact that the lighter colors in the window design, visually increase it.

Contrasting, dark window frames can become the focal points of the premises, attracting all views. Of course, such windows do not need to be decorated with textiles, acting as full participants in the formation of the image of the room.

Examples of glazing rooms in a private house


Combining windows of different sizes and shapes within a single room, allows you to create not only an interesting interior, but also provide the room with the necessary level of natural light.

Living room

One of the most important premises of an urban private house or country home ownership is the living room. Typically, this is a fairly large room, which can boast a whole set of windows of impressive size.

With the help of narrow tall windows you can give the interior a touch of European style. Usually in English design projects similar models of window openings are used.


In private homes, bathroom spaces can boast impressive sizes, unlike their urban counterparts, enclosed in the framework of urban standard apartments. And the consequence of this is, first of all, the possibility in principle to install a window, and sometimes not one, and quite big.

Cabinet, library

In rooms where active work, creative activity, reading will be conducted, it is necessary to provide a high level of illumination, sometimes it is necessary to resort to additional installation of windows.

children's room

For children's bedrooms and playrooms, in addition to the issue with sufficient light and the possibility of airing, the security issue is quite acute. Currently, manufacturers of window profiles offer many options for locks "with a secret", which little children are unable to open independently.

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