Chandeliers in the interior of the kitchen: 27 brilliant dining rooms with glitter lanterns!


There are several things that enliven the room and give it a new look, like a window that brings sunlight to the decoration, the air of the clouds and the flicker of the stars!

Since many of us are stuck in the dreary understanding of winter time, the ceiling opening can be an ideal "solution" to avoid despondency and make a turn towards a lighter and more fun interior design.

Over the past month, we have shown you some amazing ideas for using window blocks in the guest cabin and even using their splendor in a modern kitchen.

Today we look at twenty-seven delightful mansions that have in their design amazing heavenly gleams in the room for a meal!

A fascinating space with picturesque landscapes, opening out of two blocks on the roof, from a specialist Christian Grevstad.

Dormer windows come in a variety of silhouettes, sizes and stylistic variations, and if you wish to achieve an easy and airy atmosphere in your home, they will be able to offer at the time of solving this problem.

With a sensational appearance – from a sophisticated to a dramatic frame, these bright additions promise to outshine any apartment.

Let there be a flood of light in an unusual house!

One of the most popular destinations in recent years has been the adaptive reuse of structures that can be seen in classic mansions with a fresh and modern look.

Glass is an integral part of all such reconstructions and additions, and the use of a "transparent wall partition" along with the lanterns seems almost the norm!

Now it is understandable why architects and homeowners select such unique elements for the complex and multifaceted renovation of the historical heritage.

Adding a lumen to the dining room in these houses brings a lot of natural light, enhances the visual effect of the glass wall and does all this without changing the existing facade.

Transparent wall partition brings the charm of greenery into the interior space. The project is designed by Catherine Macfee Interior Design.

The aquarium gives the refectory a truly spectacular backdrop. The product is provided for repair by Aquarium Architecture.

The village refectory with excellent window blocks with dramatic effect from the Sullivan Building & Design Group workshop.

The dining room with modern art glassed windows and mansard windows can really cause delight, as the room is constantly connected with open air and wild nature.

This is not easy natural radiance, which fills the interior with flickering and warmth, but also numerous sights and street sounds that change as the passage of different seasons.

Such unique areas for meals become a transition zone between the main house and the backyard or garden, effectively expanding the living space beyond the four walls.

Skylights can transform ancient structures in spacious and ultramodern cottages, as, for example, in the decoration of Worthington Custom Builder.

A mansion with stunning optical symmetry was designed and implemented by George Clemens.

A unique lamp can become a sculptural addition of home decor in the daytime. The project is executed by the workshop of Nash Baker.

Turn the kitchen into a banquet hall for solemn events with natural light, as was done by the author Feinmann.

Traditional refectory with classic English charm from the studio Pushh Construction.

Transparent ceiling opens a wonderful view of the sights and sounds outside the apartment. The project was presented by Square Feet Architects.

Versatile and practical design

The concept of an exclusive dining room is not really all that is popular in many ultramodern cottages.

In addition, most of us prefer a modest nook for eating, which puts the functionality ahead of the silhouette and design performance.

With the growing relevance of the creation of open-plan living areas, this almost becomes the norm.

In such cases, homeowners turn to small attic windows to give the room a special and exclusive decor for the house.

A simple and round glazed roof over the dining table can not only beautifully illuminate the site, but also visually separate it from the rest of the living room.

Colorful circular lantern for creative self-expression decoration. The masterpiece is implemented by designer Mark Pinkerton.

Combine the charm of the lamp with a chic semi-transparent roof, as was done by the master Andre Rothblatt.

A dining room with an amazing ceiling design, a translucent wall partition and a Christmas glamor from Sarah & Bendrix.

Small window blocks give apartment owners greater control over the thermal insulation of the building, as they can be conveniently placed between existing sections of the structural frame.

You can even use several small lanterns to give the room more even lighting during the daytime or to turn, a custom-made sliding window unit, simply by pressing a button.

Another popular direction is the gaps along the wall of the refectory, which brings to the atmosphere a sense of drama and an interesting sun accent emphasizing the decoration of the walls!

The innovative interior of the ceiling design eclipses everything in this dining room from the agency Peterssen / KellerArchitecture.

Looming attic blocks give a romantic note to a small room! The project was performed by the masters of studio Studio Schicketanz.

Small window openings give the guest cabin with an open layout a unique charm. The decoration is developed by the engineering office of Prestige Builders.

A glass dome over the kitchen also adds an attraction to the area for dinner. The masterpiece is realized by the organization Beau-Port Kitchens.

Exquisite use of several textures in the eclectic dining room from the agency Riach Architects.

For different styles

Imagine an ideal dinner in honor of a certain holiday with the starry sky above, giving the atmosphere a special cosiness and comfort.

Or an unforgettable family holiday Christmas with snow outside, which becomes part of the solemn atmosphere!

An assortment of exquisite and innovative products on the market provides, to a large extent, the realization of all possibilities if you have the creative abilities and resources to do this.

Regardless of what style your dining room will wrap around for the dinner, the attic window with the appropriate finish will become the epicenter of everyone's attention.

To accent an interesting way of decorating a house, use louvers of light colors that can complement the color scheme of the room itself.

An interesting interior with a characteristic industrial setting from the company Emilie Mauran Renovation.

Fantastic room with a fascinating break in the blue expressive sky! The masterpiece is implemented by designcubed.

A magnificent interior with unique access to the roof from CONTENT Architecture.

Natural materials give beach stylistics and a sense of serenity to the salon for dinner, the project of which was developed by the agency Randell Design Group.

A beautiful kitchen in a farmhouse style with several window openings from the Harvey Norman office.

Beach style in the refectory with exquisite use of finishing natural building materials in the decoration of walls and ceiling from the company First Light Studio.

Creative openings bring a joyful and airy atmosphere to the atmosphere. Photo was provided for the article by a specialist Chris Snook.

Open guest lounge with a refectory with a load of dazzling sunshine from the studio Domiteaux + Baggett.

Refined accents and an amazing form of lighting in the cool dining room of the Menzer McClure decorator.

We presented to your attention a unique and creative selection of interior photography with stunning and magnificent solutions for the use of attic windows in the decoration of the apartments and the dining area.

And you liked these decisions and ideas? Share your opinion in the comments below .

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How many different styles and unique types of chandeliers are possible in the interior of the dining room! I was very attracted by the options, which used to maximize the ability to fill the room with natural light. Ceiling windows as illuminators are an excellent alternative to any lamps.

Chandeliers in the interior of the kitchen, the dining room is simply chic. Whoever has his own house must use this design. Pulling out the attic blocks are simply amazing, great! In the evening at dinner you can enjoy the stars, and in the daytime a blue sky or clouds. Awesome interior design!

Welcome to the Design Room! Here you will find a collection of interiors of apartments and individual rooms. Start a journey around the world of design with us!

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