Ceramic tiles in the style of the underground in the interior of the kitchen – save for yourself a piece of history


As early as the beginning of the 20th century, the vaults and walls of subways in New York and Paris began to be decorated with faceted ceramic tiles. It was called metro. This kind of finishing materials remained relevant until now. Not grown old tiles continue to be used in the design of fashionable shops and cafes, as well as living quarters.

Today we will tell you about how you can use the metro tile in modern kitchen design. It still looks spectacular. Recently, the exhibition "Gallery of Scandinavian cuisine" was held. There were presented more than 30 best examples of interior with tiled decoration. Wonderful multi-colored kitchen islands delighted visitors. At the same time, viewers were given advice from designers how to avoid mistakes when performing such a wall covering.

We recommend that you look at some fragments of the exhibition in the presented photos. The interiors have a magnificent appearance.

If you prefer a classic approach to finishing in your kitchen, you can arrange horizontally or vertically a single-color metro tile. A more bold option is the use of several colors.

Now there is a huge variety of options available in stores. Do not be hasty in buying. To create an organic space, the proper selection of colors and textures is of great importance. Listen to the advice of the designers. But an individual approach to your specific room is more important.

Below are a few ideas for inspiration. I wish you success!

Once again I am convinced that the new is a good forgotten old. In my opinion, we tiles in the form of a brick called "boar". And glued it in the bathrooms, hospitals, not only on the walls, but also on the floor. Well, the underground tile looks great in any kitchen. With its help, you can perfectly arrange a room in the loft style.

Yet, how profitable and harmonious this tile looks in the interior of the kitchen. And for so many years has not lost its relevance, just amazing. Particularly interesting looks colorful tiles, it somehow even inspires culinary experiments. Still really liked the mirror tile metro, visually expands the space, which is important in small kitchens.

Stylish, fashionable, beautiful. There's nothing to add. The only thing is to choose the right color for the headset for the tile, which you choose.

Mirror tiles are effective, but not practical, in my opinion. Bright and juicy colors that excite appetite and imagination, that's a worthwhile decision.

There are no words! Look at the huge choice with a variety of options for decorating the kitchen apron. Ceramic tiles perfectly fit under any individual kitchen interior. The main thing is to choose the right color and style.

It is very important for connoisseurs of a noble and seasoned style when arranging an apartment or a house! Such an option in my opinion will suit almost everywhere and everything! Even you can lay out at will

Pay attention to how harmoniously ceramic tile metro fits into the interior of any of the kitchens that are presented in the photo! I liked the original last option, and you?

How interesting and bright is the yellow apron among the white furniture. Creates a sunny, truly summer mood. I think this style of tiles will appeal to everyone.

I love the classics and that's it. Well, are the options presented in the photo are not well forgotten options? It is enough to just pick up your own color of the brick and let the eye be pleased.

A truly remarkable example of the use of such tiles in the kitchen. It looks very stylish. Personally, I really liked the design of the wall with bright yellow tiles, as well as tiles of different shades of mustard color. An interesting way is the use of such a tile for lining not only the walls, but also the table tops of the dining table.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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