Carpet in the interior – a warm and cozy atmosphere in the house


For many years people have used carpeting to decorate and warm their homes. But if earlier only woolen or silk carpet was afforded by wealthy people, at present the assortment of carpets is so great that it can satisfy the buyer not only with any purse size, but also with various stylistic, color and textured preferences.

It is obvious that any space in which the carpet is laid becomes immediately warmer and more comfortable, the interior is transformed depending on the chosen design of the cover. But in addition to its aesthetic properties, the carpet can also perform other functions – to serve as a means for soundproofing, zoning the room, creating interior accents. In addition, what can be more pleasant than stepping on the warm pile of the carpet with bare feet, instead of stamping on the cold floor?

Typically, the carpet is selected in the already finished room, but it happens that the design of the carpet is so unique and original that the entire interior is created in accordance with this focal center of the room.

Choose a carpet, based on cost and performance

On the underside of any carpet is a marking from which you can learn not only about the composition of the pile, its characteristics, but also the substrate material and the properties of the entire coating:

Typically, the coloring of the carpet from the wool is carried out in a light, pastel palette. This is due to the fact that woolen products are painted much worse than synthetic ones. In addition, carpets made of wool very much accumulate dust, poorly tolerate the effects of moths and mold. To reduce the negative properties of the product from natural material, use antistatic, anti-mildew and dirt-repellent compounds.

It is considered effective to mix wool with synthetics in a ratio of 80% to 20%, such an alliance helps to preserve the natural properties of a natural material while increasing wear resistance and simplifying care.

Carpeting for rooms with different purposes


One of the first solutions of the carpeting for the bedroom, which usually comes to mind is a light product with a long nap that will not only create a warm and cozy atmosphere for the sleeping and resting room, but also perfectly muffle the steps, will create sufficient sound insulation.

A carpet of light shade or with a diagonal pattern is able to visually expand the space of the bedroom. You can use both a large carpet with a long nap throughout the room, and small fluffy bedside mats.

Carpeting with a long pile of chocolate shade, occupying the entire bedroom area, not only provides warmth to your feet, but also creates a unique interior design. Among other things, in combination with light walls and ceiling, such floors visually expand the space in height.

As a rule, in the bedrooms carpets are placed in the sleeping area so that when you get out of bed at any place, bare feet step on a warm and pleasant rug, and not on a bare, cold floor.

A carpet with a motley pattern will look organically in the bedroom, with the design of which used mostly monochrome types of decoration and decoration materials.

Conversely, a solid carpet is recommended for rooms with a printed wall finish. For example, if the picture on the wallpaper is sufficiently active, bright, then a light solid carpet will be more than appropriate.

The bedroom is a room that needs high sound insulation and creates a special warm atmosphere for a restful sleep and comfortable awakening, this is the place where we gain strength, relax and start a new, cheerful day. Therefore, it is often possible to meet in the interiors of the bedrooms a combination of two variants of carpeting. For example, carpet covering the entire area of ​​the room is combined with small fluffy rugs placed near the bed or dressing table.

For those who are not interested in pastel colors in the bedroom finish, whoever needs a dynamism in the room for rest and relaxation, to feel the tone on waking every morning, you can try to use the contrasting carpet design. Black-and-white combinations that have found a response in other interior items look contrasting, bright and original for the bedroom.

children's room

A bright carpet covering with a geometric pattern or images of fairy-tale, animated characters will perfectly suit the children's room. It is important that the nap of the coating is short – cleaning in the nursery is necessary to carry out more often, and with a long nap it is more difficult to cope. Among other things, a short pile makes the carpet more resistant to abrasion.

When choosing a carpet for a children's room, it is important to take into account not only the performance properties and the aesthetic side of the question, but also to make sure that the coloring of the product was done with safe dyes – ask for a quality certificate from sales consultants.

Carpeting with bright squares of different colors and textures not only looks fun and optimistic in the children's room, but also creates an additional base for inventing games.

Another interesting design of the rug for children is a canvas with painted classics. Warm and comfortable coverage with an additional opportunity to organize games.

Living room

For the living room there are almost no restrictions in the choice of carpeting – the main thing is that, in terms of style, color and texture, the carpet is combined with the rest of the room design. For some homeowners, it is important that the carpet serves as a neutral background for the furnishings on it and perform its operational functions. Others, on the contrary, believe that carpeting can become an accent in the interior, act as a focal point.

For the living room, in which, among other things, there is a kitchen and a dining room, the carpet can become an zoning element, delineating the conditional boundaries of a functional segment. It is logical that in the kitchen area the floor covering is a ceramic or stone tiling, and in the segment of the living room the floor is covered with a soft and warm carpet.

In the living room, executed in calm, natural colors, the light carpet is integrated very successfully, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere for the common room.

Dark carpet products need more thorough and frequent cleaning, because on such a surface, even the smallest garbage is visible. But the enhanced cleaning is compensated by the beautiful appearance of the dark carpet, an interesting combination with other interior items, bringing some brutality to the design, despite the feeling of warmth underfoot.

Hallways, corridors and spaces near the stairs

For rooms with large patency it is recommended to purchase synthetic or semi-synthetic linen with a short pile. Cleaning must be done often, and low nap will be easier and faster to clean, even with a conventional vacuum cleaner with low power. As for color solutions, prints and ornaments – everything is limited only by your preferences and your own ideas about aesthetics. But there are unspoken rules combinatorics – if the room is made in light, neutral colors, then bright carpet with ornament or pattern will look good, become a focal center of the interior.

If there are enough color and texture accents in the interior of the functional space, then it's better to choose the carpet covering of neutral shades.

Carpet with a motley pattern will fit more organically into the created interior, if its colors have already been used in the design of space, for example, upholstery or textile windows.

Forms, sizes and design of carpets

Small rugs are able to bring variety to the interior of any room, they can be laid near a chair, a child's bed or an adult, in front of a sofa or between pieces of furniture. A medium-sized carpet will organically look in small rooms, bringing warmth and comfort, uniqueness or charm, creating interesting accents.

Bright carpets of small sizes and original forms can transform the interior, bring in it not only the color variety, but also raise the overall degree of the design of the room.

The round carpet does not so much warm the floors and creates a soundproof coating, how many acts as a decorative object. Circles perfectly zoniruyut space, highlighting this or that segment, around which the other interior objects are built.

In addition to differences in form and color, carpets differ in length and density of the pile. Conditionally, all carpeting can be divided into two types:

single-level – carpets with not cut loops of the same length. Such carpets look like a surface with a compact, homogeneous structure. The quality of such products largely depends on the equal length of the pile;

multilevel – Loops of such products have different heights, which allows you to create three-dimensional ornaments and drawings on canvases. Attractive and extraordinary appearance, unusual structure and high level of comfort, allow you to choose a worthy option for the interior of any style.

Most manufacturers in the highly competitive field of carpeting sales are trying to find new textured and color solutions, inventing original ways of weaving, twisting threads. There are canvases with curly pile, plush (velor) shaved material. Many homeowners like the smooth flowing surface of the pile, resembling flowing velvet, which is so comfortable to tread barefoot.

There are new ways of making carpets, for example, with an intersecting split loop. Such innovations allow the production of carpeting on an industrial scale, which only a few years ago could be made only by hand.

The unique design of the carpet, the surface of which resembles the ground strewn with dry leaves, can become a highlight of the interior of any room.

Carpet as an option flooring

In the Soviet times of the total deficit, many of our compatriots "hunted" for carpets and at the same time, the composition of the cover, the figure, and the value were not important. Then the deficit disappeared, with it the popularity of carpets began to melt, because they were replaced by a new way of flooring in apartments and houses – carpet. Available in value, in a wide range of colors and textures, this carpeting immediately gained popularity among buyers. And to this day, many homeowners prefer to cover the floors of these or other rooms of their homes with the help of carpet.

Like any other variant of flooring, carpet has its advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, you get an absolutely smooth and smooth coating that insulates your floors throughout the entire area of ​​the room, you do not have folds and edges, through which you could stumble. But on the other hand – without a vacuum cleaner, caring for such a cover is very problematic, not to mention the fact that in the premises where there are children and pets, cleaning should be done daily.

The most practical variant of a carpet for residential premises is a coating with a pattern and a short nap. On such a canvas, the spots will not be so noticeable, and the low pile will be much easier to clean.

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