Care for unusual elements of landscape design – wooden decking in the courtyards of houses


Greetings to our readers! Recently, among owners of private houses and cottages, it has become fashionable to create wooden decks in courtyards that imitate the ship's deck. This original element of landscape design is very suitable for placing on it a tea table and chairs, for example. It looks beautiful on the veranda and near the pool.

Like any other structure made of wood, flooring requires regular cleaning and maintenance. If you take care of its safety, it will please you with its attractiveness and reliability for many years.

The easiest way to clean the deck floor, which you can use regularly, is scraping boards with a hard brush using hot soapy water. If hard stains appear on the wooden surface, for example, from wine or berries, try using a mixture of hot water and bleach. They must be diluted in equal proportions.

The stores offer various tools for cleaning wooden decking, which will help make the boards perfectly clean and create a protective film on the surface. Use garden sprayers when applying such tools, but be careful: do not forget to wear gloves and protect your eyes with glasses.

If your flooring is near the pool, it is very important to make sure that the mold does not multiply on it. To avoid this trouble, treat the coating with a special solution or use a mixture of one part chlorine bleach and three parts water. As an additional protection, buy detergents that contain additives against mold.

Several times a year it is necessary to use a high pressure washer. It is able to remove accumulated dirt not only from the surface of the deck, but also from the gaps between the boards. After this treatment carefully evaluate the integrity of the flooring, and then replace or drive in the sticking out nails.

All fasteners must be made of stainless steel. This guarantees you no rust, which is very bad for the condition of the wood. In addition, it is desirable to cover the flooring with special putty for protection and to give the entire coating an attractive appearance.

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I really liked the idea of ​​making deck decking in the courtyard. This immediately gives a cosiness and brightens the overall exterior. How do you like this idea?

The tips are very sensible, thank you. I think the best "deck style" is embodied by the design of a light brown tree, it looks more natural than gray tones.

An excellent and very useful article, for anyone who deals with wooden coverings at home, or at the dacha. I would like even more information.

Very interesting stuff. Most of all I liked the original components of landscape design – wooden decking. I recommend to use!

Indeed, it is easier to process the relevant materials at the beginning of the summer season and clean with processing in the middle of autumn than in 3-5 years to change the wooden flooring.

Thank you for the article! Decking by the pool every three to four years has to be substantially repaired. And it turns out just enough proper care!

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