Can the green color dominate the interior of the kitchen?


Green color in the interior of the kitchen with a contrasting decor and playful details

Green color in the interior of the kitchen, owned by the spouses King of Australia, appeared not by chance. Even in our country, many remember the frog Kermit, the character of American television programs "Sesame Street" and "Muppet Show."

In his repertoire there was a song with words that are translated literally: "Green can be as big as a mountain, or as important as a river, or as tall as a tree." The designers from Space Craft Joinery, who grew up on these shows, decided that the green one could also be fresh and very nostalgic.

The factors that determined the main features of the interior, were tight budget constraints and the owners' love for bright colors. As a result of the reconstruction, the cramped kitchen turned into a harmonious space, which the owners themselves – Simon and Ruth King – call the center of their home.

Object parameters

Owners: wife Ruth and Simon King with two children, a turtle and a cat

Location: Croydon Park (suburb of Adelaide), South Australia

Designers: Ellen and Nathan Wunderzitz of Space Craft Joinery

In the bright and memorable bungalow of King's spouses, decorated in Californian style, and the kitchen was very nice, but still too cramped for their family. They decided to expand it and turned to professionals for help. We had to partially rebuild the back of the house – dismantle the veranda and move the wall to create an open space that unites the kitchen, living room and dining room.

Wishing to preserve the original character of the kitchen, the designers focused on its accessories to the style of 50-x, in which they helped the white-green palette and intricate details in the form of wooden ribs with rounded edges hanging over open shelves.

The new headset almost completely duplicates the previous one. The double ceramic sink, the Pacini cooker and the Miele dishwasher, along with artfully disguised retractable garbage containers, make the kitchen progressive and functional, without interfering with retro aesthetics.

To save a little, the owners painted the doors and frames of cabinets made of MDF. Ceramic handles in the form of a rose flower have been developed specifically for this project. "Creating an interior with a balanced and natural combination of nostalgic and newfangled components requires a lot of attention to detail," says Ellen Wunderzitz.

"This is a very personalized, whimsical and at the same time cozy home kitchen, which refers us to the origins of the origin of the style of the bungalow," adds the designer. "However, it has all the modern conveniences."

Apron with a horizontal strip made up of alternating tiles of white, lime and apple-green colors, fills the space between the upper and lower cabinets. On open shelves is a collection of vintage containers made of ceramics and other objects, utilitarian and decorative at the same time. All of them found a place in the new interior.

The worktops made of green marble provide space for the revelry of the culinary fantasy of Ruth, who adores the oven and prepares authentic home-made masterpieces such as apricot jam, lemon oil and glorified it throughout the district of onion jam.

To decide on creating a "so green" interior, you need to have a certain boldness and self-confidence, but, as Kermit says (and this cuisine echoes him), "it's beautiful, and that's what I really want."

If you intend to decorate your kitchen in green, listen to Nathan's advice: "Be careful with green, different tones make a different impression. Light, delicate tones create a feeling of freshness and are associated with growth, life and youth. While the darker shades help to make the image luxurious and respectable, to emphasize the viability of the owners.

What shade to choose is up to you, but in any case, you can be sure that green cuisine will inevitably become a key element of the house.

Very good idea. Especially for small and medium-sized kitchens. And importantly – economical, budgetary option, available to many people. The green color of the kitchen set, as well as individual details in the form of original watches, colors, tiles of different shades give a truly springy brightness and warmth to the whole image.

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