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Each of us, doing the design of the house, necessarily provides a place for the so-called home office, especially if the family has students or students.

In this case, for a similar purpose, a separate room can be allocated, but in most cases you still have to enter the desktop into the already projected interior.

Depending on the size of the room, the furniture necessary for the arrangement of the cabinet is chosen, which can be quite large, but it provides the owner with full comfort and necessary space.

But do you know that even small and competently organized corners can cope with this task in no way worse?

To see this, you are invited to see several options for creating a workspace with your own hands. And their main advantage lies in the fact that in order to solve this problem, in most cases it is not necessary to acquire new items. Sufficient will show only a little constructive imagination and be able to cope with the instrument.

It should be noted that such projects with the self-organization of workers DIY tables are very popular in Western countries, but still the most resourceful and talented (for sure, many visitors of Interiors rooms will agree with this statement) are Russians who create such things that could receive awards for exhibitions of original designer furniture.

So, a dozen of the best ideas for building a home office.

Design your own desktop

Begins the selection of a corner table that can be made in a couple of hours. All you need is to find a free space in the house, as well as several boards, metal studs or rods, which will perform the function of graceful supports.

The undeniable advantage of this model is the fact that, depending on the needs, you can design the countertop of the required dimensions. However, one must take into account that the larger the dimensions, the more attention will be paid to the fastening and strength of the legs.

A slightly rough surface will not attract attention if you effectively decorate the walls with, for example, monochrome or colored posters and photographs, as in the project "Beautiful Beautiful" (A Beautiful Mess), presented by the rather popular blogger Emma. As you can see, the author decided to further revitalize her work area by putting a few pots with fresh flowers.

Despite the fact that the table is not very large, it allows you to work comfortably enough, because it has a place for a computer, for papers, and even for a cup of fragrant coffee or tea.

Corner table made by own hands

If the apartment is very small and you simply can not afford a separate office, you can take advantage of the idea of ​​Infinity Ampersand, which combines the functions of a desk and shoe shelf.

Is it possible to guess that this beautiful object with a chocolate table top hides several pairs of shoes behind its elegant mint colors?

Of course, this option requires a good lighting organization, as not many hallways have windows. In addition, the table will need to be installed in such a way as to exclude or minimize the effects of drafts that are very harmful to health. But undoubted functionality makes this model attractive, and also allows you to invent your own home office options.

Desk with a storage system for shoes

The easiest way to create your own desk is to buy ready-made furniture that allows you to make significant changes to its design. The richest assortment of such products can be found in IKEA hypermarkets.

Look at the example of Little Green Notebook, how you can organize a workspace that provides high comfort and fits perfectly into the interior of the room.

To do this, they acquired a long glossy countertop and six metal legs, painted in a luxurious golden color. As a result, we got a light two-seater construction, not burdening the space and allowing to install under it pedestals from the main headset.

Comfortable desk, made of parts from IKEA

Updating of existing desks

Furniture fantasies are unlimited, as you can create original furniture not only from new materials or individual parts, but also by simply transforming its appearance. And, probably, this is the most creative and economical option.

The most common and universal way to change an object is to repaint it. At the same time, a favorite table will never become an extra detail in the updated interior, as it will always be possible to give it the necessary look.

An example of this is the project Florence Finds, whose authors, with a minimum of effort, received an expressive design thing. To do this, they painted all the details in a white-white color and added bright spots in the form of a turquoise edging of the table top and pink legs.

This tender subject will undoubtedly become a worthy decoration of the room for the girl, and she, in turn, will be happy to deal with him.

Gray and purple create in the bedroom aura of luxury

Updated table from IKEA

No less popular variant of surface transformation is their gluing. For these purposes, almost any material can be used: from plain paper to self-adhesive film.

Look at how effectively and cheerfully the table from Shelterness looks. The authors of this idea did not look for easy ways, so the stunning striped multicolor was obtained from individual colored ribbons.

Despite the fact that this option requires patience, accuracy and assiduity, you can set the tone for your table top, and not depend on the options offered by shops.

Modified computer table

The next project is at first puzzling: what has been changed here? After all, both the vintage form and the aged surfaces remained unchanged. But, only looking closer, you notice that the table top differs somewhat in texture, besides it has become somewhat thicker.

This is the main idea of ​​designers from Vintage Revivals. They created a new surface, effective strips of which were obtained by the authors.

After that, she was given the appropriate color scheme and artificially aged. Agree that such a simple solution made it possible to obtain a tremendous effect.

Updated vintage table top

Tables of specific configurations

Any desktop should not only provide a space where you can work, but also be very comfortable for this. And not always the classical form of this subject can satisfy both of these requirements.

For example, many people know that the inclined top will be the most convenient for drawing or drawing, and, of course, the optimal option is the ability to adjust the angle of its tilt.

This is the model suggested by architects from Curbly. The idea of ​​its creation appeared after a walk in the IKEA store in the IKEA VIKA BLECKET top section.

As a result, a functional table with luxurious filling and spectacular details appeared in the form of capacious boxes, a bright lamp and office set.

Luxury table for drawing

Look how spectacularly looks the professional table, whose owner needs to use a large amount of paper or materials for work.

Its design consists of a simple table-top, providing space for creativity, and supports in the form of shelves, on which wicker baskets are installed.

It should be noted that this performance is not only functional, but also fashionable. Using the same multi-colored details allows you to make an animation in the interior of the room, placing it in the right accents.

The authors of this original model are the designers from Brit + Co, who often use the details from IKEA and create the stunning items that make up Make It & Love It (Do it and Love It).

Table for needlework

The worktops installed on the original supports are becoming more popular every year. And more and more people, not lacking in creativity, create amazing furniture that can not only perform the required functions, but also give the design of the premises a certain business style and a certain piquancy.

A striking example is the project Bobvila, in which the legs were branched structures that resemble the supports of specific construction equipment. Despite their rudeness, they were incredibly fit in the interior.

Table with spectacular supports

The collection ends with an amazing table that can become a visiting card of a library, a printing house, an educational institution or any architectural company. Such an association arose due to the original support in the form of a letter.

But not only this attracts the eye: no less effective are the artificially aged surfaces that impart vintage and chic to the object. Agree that the project Frenchy Fancy of Brit & Co. is very attractive and will certainly find admirers among people of creative professions.

Table for creativity and creativity

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