Budget variant of the kitchen interior with sky-blue furniture: a harmonious symbiosis of textures and materials


This budget kitchen in an apartment located in a suburb of Melbourne, you will agree, does not seem too small. But the big door and massive brick wall created a feeling of claustrophobia. The couple who live here wanted to reveal the potential of the room. And so they hired designer Isaac Watt from Born Builders to create an open, bright and functional kitchen.

Watt and his team removed the brick wall and peach tile floor so that it was possible to create something new from scratch. Polished concrete floors and a clear metro tile are now complemented by bright blue cabinets. A new wide table top serves as a dining area. Visitors to the interiors of the kitchen can admire all this splendor in the photo given below.

Address: Richmond, in the suburbs of Melbourne.

Cost: $ 20000 (including equipment, new materials, electrical work, painting, equipment, labor).

The brick walls and the sliding door leading to the next living room made you feel that the kitchen was cramped. Watt and his team freed the wall, but not all. "It made sense to leave the brick as part of the tile over the sink," Watt said. You can see in the 1 image in the right part of the window a fragment of the wall.

Customers liked the interesting color scheme used in the design. The cabinets of cold blue color were perfectly fitted in addition to the gray concrete floor and the dark wooden table top. It turned out to be a harmonious symbiosis of natural material, innovative painting and brutal concrete.

Watt and the specialists of Born Builders specially created the doors of the MDF cabinet and hung the lamp above the painted kitchen peninsula from the Tasmanian oak. The creation of these pieces of furniture was completed by their transformation using two-component paint, which is usually used for cars. She gave the cabinets a shine and finished look that allowed to visually expand the space in the room. Handled these creations of design art in 6000 $.

The redevelopment associated with the creation of the kitchen peninsula, instead of which the wall used to be, proved to be a very good solution for a small room. In addition, this element acts as a dining table. The product from Tasmanian oak stands about 3000 $.

Miniature Whirlpool technology works well with a small room area. The illumination of the kitchen was also advantageously organized. A series of strips of diode fixtures adds brightness to the room, and the day beams from the kitchen window are reflected on the white hood and on the metro tiles. Ceramics cost about 1500 $. And such a floor finish will cost you also at 1500 $. Masters simply polished and processed the finished concrete coating with varnish.

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