Budget interior kitchen – ideas and photos!


Create a budget kitchen interior can be a little updated boring cabinets, floor or countertop. If you save on workers and materials, paint everything that is possible in a new color, then even minor changes, as in the photo of this article, will emphasize and enhance the aesthetic expressiveness of space.

Antonio Marins first updated the old kitchen 30-ies. He left an old slab, and instead of lockers, he used simple shelves. As working surfaces and for storage of products is a stand-alone furniture. For a metal table length of 2,7 meters you can eat and cook. Built in the wall pantry closes the door on the wheels from local manufacturers.

Amber decided to make everything from scratch, and in the place of a dull marsh-green room she created a new clean kitchen with bright, cheerful design in white tones. In order to save money, ordinary kitchen cabinets and a laminate worktop are inexpensive compared to other materials. I had to do many things myself.

Despite the fact that most of the furniture and decor are purchased in a charity store, the kitchen looks solid and neat.

To update this kitchen, the floor was laminated with laminate, the table was built in the center, the table top was changed, an apron made of glass tiles, electrical outlets and furniture were painted.

The hosts decided to do everything themselves from start to finish: they made the floor, installed plumbing, planked the ceiling, bought furniture in Ikea, put the tiles and updated the countertop.

Another secret to make a budget repair is to make the most of what is already there. Think about how to decorate cabinets, install a countertop from Ikea, a new tile apron and a new faucet.

And how do you like this idea of ​​repair?

The budget interior of the kitchen, presented in the article, looks very aesthetic and inspiring. It is impossible even to believe that such an attractive place did not fly to the owners "a pretty penny". The room looks very stylish.

Advantages of creating a budget kitchen interior is that you can and should use all the old materials, furniture and accessories.

Budget interior kitchen is very important and even topical topic. Not always our desires correspond to our capabilities, but when there is a way to save, why not use it? Antonio and Amber, for example, turned out very cool! They made from an old, gloomy kitchen a very airy and bright room. And with a minimum of costs, it is worthy of respect and admiration.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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