Brown glass tile interior of the kitchen – unattainable for many family-financial compromise


It often happens that the husband and wife can not come to an agreement on the choice of kitchen interior. It is difficult enough to choose the design that would satisfy both. Sometimes it happens that a married couple has opposite opinions about the stylistic design of space for eating and cooking. Therefore, experienced designers advise you to think about the use in finishing the kitchen of brown color and its shades. Why?

The matter is that it is considered traditionally masculine and, as a rule, always favorably perceived by them. But its various tones, such as beige, light brown, the color of "melted milk", golden are the recognized favorites of the female half.

Therefore, applying such a color combination in the design, the couple will reach a certain compromise, and both will be happy to be in the cozy atmosphere of their kitchen. The most advantageous way this palette of colors looks in the decoration of the walls of the home galley with glass mosaic. This interesting idea for the interior is considered one of the most fashionable lately, because tiles from glass look more luxurious than other types of decor.

It has a huge variety of colors, textures and shapes. In addition, it differs in the degree of transparency. Especially stylish looks mosaic glass masonry from different tiles of brown and its shades. The options for creating a crystal mosaic are presented in the photographs. Notice how the brown glass tile is stunningly combined with the light-colored kitchen furniture. The atmosphere in the room immediately becomes warm and cozy.

In the photo review the mosaic decoration of the Italian brand Zen Espresso is shown. Glass decoration – durable coating. The service life is about 50 years. In addition, he is very unpretentious in the care. Take into account the stylish appearance and high strength and performance characteristics and imagine how luxurious it will look apron for the kitchen in this textured design.

I very much want to hope that our advice will help a married couple overcome differences in the choice of interior for a home galley. But in any case, the designers only offer, but you choose and decide only.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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