Bright colors of precious stones in the decoration of kitchen islands – boldly reveal your sensual personality with a spectral attack!


Today we will talk about the bright elements of the decor in the kitchen. And the fact that the precious stones in it there is a place.

White kitchen is popular with many people. But the colorful walls and countertops made of precious stones in combination with milky-white cupboards give an unexpectedly attractive result. Check this with our examples.

Bright amethyst countertops comes into contrast with the brick wall, and the wooden flooring unites them, creating a kind of coziness. This is what can be stylish furniture for the kitchen.

The landlady expressed her desire to have an original kitchen premise: one that would not be like everyone else. Then he offered her several options. She liked the wallpaper Stark wallpaper on the wall and such a cheerful color scheme of the room: as if the emeralds were scattered, is not it?

The blue sapphire of the kitchen island changes the whole face of the room. Without this bright detail it would be an ordinary white kitchen. Although there is nothing unique, this modern kitchen interior is very attractive.

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