Bright and practical interior design of a country house


When creating a project for the design of a country house, mansion or villa, it is important to take into account that this place is intended for recreation from city hype and fuss. Here you can spend time with the whole family or meet friends, so the interior needs to be selected, based on the needs and tastes of all family members, given the possible options for organizing recreation outside the city.

When we are in the bosom of nature, we want the interior decoration of the room to resonate with the beauty and practicality of natural materials. Use in the interior design of country mansions of a tree is one of the most important and most striking features of the design of rooms. No other natural material gives us such a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Finishing of almost all types of surfaces of a country house can be made from wood. Wooden beams, for example, are used not only to support structures, but also as a decorative element, giving the room a rustic, but such a comfortable appearance.

The tree is everywhere. Not only the decoration warms us with the warmth of natural material, but the furniture made especially for this or that area of ​​the cottage reminds the household about the opportunity to relax and relax.

Wooden built-in wardrobes and storage systems of various forms and finishes will help organize the rational placement of all necessary things in a country house.

Practical and rational distribution of space will help organize a cozy corner for pets. The wooden trimmings of this small cottage remind us of the country lifestyle.

Kitchen and dining room interior in a country cottage

The spacious and incredibly warm atmosphere of the kitchen creates a family atmosphere for relaxation. Kitchen cabinets made of natural wood, radiating heat, perfectly combined with some cool marble or granite countertops working area and a luxurious island. The warm light of the hanging lamps of unique design helps create a truly comfortable and cozy atmosphere for a family dinner.

The combination of wood with another natural material – almost untreated stone, creates a sense of the presence of nature in this kitchen. This interior literally breathes the Middle Ages, but modern pendant lighting fixtures and kitchen accessories in an industrial style, return us nowadays.

The use of decorative elements of the hunting house style in the kitchen environment allows to bring a note of surprise and enthusiasm to the character of the room. A chandelier made of imitation elements of deer antlers, for example, will make the design of such a kitchen area truly unique.

Joining the working kitchen area with the dining room allows the whole family to get together while the hostess prepares dinner. Incredibly convenient location of kitchen furniture makes the room spacious, filled with air and light.

The organization of the working area of ​​the kitchen space can be done in an industrial style, but with elements of rural style. This room perfectly combines the warmth of natural wood used in furnishing and the practicality of modern appliances and accessories in an industrial style.

The dining room, sustained in light and warm colors, creates a sense of celebration even for the most ordinary family dinner. Thanks to the simple and concise design of furniture and finishes, the room looks bright, clean and at the same time incredibly practical.

The country style dining room is filled with home warmth and comfort. With the help of natural wood trim and decorative elements in hunting stylistics, it was possible to create a cozy atmosphere of a room for collecting the whole family at a common table.

Design of a country bedroom

Simplicity and laconicism is literally imbued with the whole interior of the bedroom in a country house. This is the place for total relaxation, rest from the city noise and din. This is a room where you can indulge in your own thoughts, while remaining in connection with the surrounding nature.

In the bedrooms, it is also important to use natural materials and not only as a raw material for furniture production, but also for finishing virtually any surface.

The bedroom of a country house strikingly differs from its analogues of urban type. The cottage is a bit simpler, but more practical and comfortable. It is here that you can integrate decorative elements or textiles made with your own hands into the interior, use objects that store the warmth of our hands.

Bright and unusual elements of decoration or decoration can change the appearance and mood of even a small room, located in the cottage of a country house. Bold colors and unusual drawing help create a festive mood for relaxation.

The bedroom is in light and warm colors, the interior of which is used for finishing with whitewashed timber and white textiles – a classic option for relaxing in a country house. In such an atmosphere of light and comfort, you want to relax as often as possible.

An alternative to the traditional presence of a fireplace in a country house can be the installation of such an unusual and creative element as the oven in this bedroom. Due to the contrast of the dark material of the oven and the light finish and furnishing of the room, it becomes the center of attraction of all views.

Interior of a drawing room in a country mansion

A room where the whole family gathers for rest, conversation, joint spending time – needs a special approach when preparing a design project.

A spacious and cozy living room, decorated with wood, perfectly combined with warm shades of textiles, will draw household members with its comfort and warm atmosphere.

The traditional lounge of the country mansion is necessarily equipped with a fireplace, which becomes the focal point for the common room, it is he who dictates the main aspects of decorating the room. The gray stone with which the space around the fireplace is decorated perfectly harmonizes with the same shades used in upholstery furniture.

The bright upholstery of the furniture allows creating an upbeat mood in a small room for the whole family, and the lamps integrated into the wall with a pleasant warm light will give the room the character of some intimate solitude.

The connection of the living room with the play area is a common example of the organization of space in country houses. After all, outside the urban jungle there is time for active recreation. Bright decor elements and textured textiles give the room a cheerful and positive character.

The living room, located on the terrace or veranda, can become a visiting card of a country house. Glass walls from floor to ceiling blur the boundaries between the interior arrangement of the room and the external beauty of nature.

Such bright and spacious places for rest allow you to plunge headlong into a country holiday. Wooden decoration of the room allows you to feel the warmth of natural material even in the harshest and snowiest winters.

Bathroom furnishings in a country house

The bright finish of the bathroom is in harmony with the wooden furniture, protected by marble countertops from getting excessive moisture.

You can bring a little of the style of Provence in the interior of the bathroom of a country villa. Dressing table in the French style is perfectly combined with wicker furniture and an unusual wall painting in the area of ​​the ceiling cornices. The huge window allows the bathroom to be filled with light throughout the day, and a thin translucent textile adds room to lightness and even airiness.

Study room for a country home

For some households, vacation in a country house includes work or the implementation of creative projects, for which a special room is needed. The situation of such a room is quite simple, but it is connected with the overall stylistics of the whole house. Bright elements will add an element of surprise and positive to the general atmosphere of the cabinet, and textured upholstery and unusual textiles will help you feel comfortable and comfortable during working hours.

It is not necessary to allocate an entire room for the work area, you can organize a small office corner on the floor between the floors. A light, open space will allow you to stay away from the noise of kitchen and playrooms during work or school.

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