Bold interpretation of the Mediterranean style in the interior of a compact kitchen


The kitchen is the part of the house where we all spend quite a lot of time. Here they create culinary masterpieces and indulge in gastronomic pleasures. Here, over a cup of tea, important family decisions are made and the events of the day are discussed.

That is why the kitchen should be as comfortable and ergonomic as possible for the hostess and other inhabitants of the house. In addition, the interior of this center of family interaction should pleasantly please the eye and please everyone without exception.

Taking as an example one completely standard kitchen, we will tell you how, to translate all of the above ideas into practice.

Architect Architect Arthur Yagubyants knows best how to do this, because he has more than 300 successfully implemented projects.

Before the reconstruction, this 10-meter kitchen was a small uncomfortable room, where even the refrigerator could not find a place. And the sofa and table occupied almost all the free space. The cumbersome air duct cluttered and "heavier" the interior.

The first step towards the realization of the dream of an ideal kitchen is getting rid of uncomfortable, morally and constructively obsolete furniture. The concept of the new kitchen design is bright and cheerful space, realized in a modern style with the use of Mediterranean design elements.

The main tools for implementing this idea were strict outlines and contrasting color combinations, slightly diluted with cool blue strokes. The floor decor is mainly oriented to the zoning of the space: in the working area of ​​the kitchen there is a parquet of coffee shade, and in the dining room – a dairy parquet. Airiness to the interior is thoughtful design of the walls: most of them are painted white, and in the dining area and near the window – in a gently-turquoise. Stretch ceiling with built-in lights gave the finished look to the interior.

Contrasting painting of doors and platbands, furniture and sinks determined the graphics of the interior. Contrasts and glossy surfaces visually increased the volume of the room. A kitchen apron with a marine theme, reminiscent of the measured run of waves rolling ashore, softened the severity of the scheme.

Once bulky duct duct with the help of gypsum board, lamps and successfully selected decor turned into a weightless, but still functional design. The secret is that the hood and walls have one shade. The focal center of the interior was an unusual panel, the lighting of which is regulated in accordance with the wishes of the tenants.

The kitchen, transformed by a talented designer, turned out to be very modern and stylish.

Very beautiful. With the help of this design and unusual color scheme, the kitchen has become much more spacious. The kitchen began to look more modern, but nevertheless cozy, which is not unimportant in the place where the whole family gathers at dinner. Modular painting and fabric blinds on the windows perfectly diluted the strict style. Such a kitchen can become a real pride of the apartment.

So unusual: I can not believe that from what was, the guys made a real beauty. Of course, light colors always visually increase space. But here a very unusual color is chosen, which gave some extra lightness.

The kitchen is the place that is never left without attention. If you want to change the interior of your kitchen, first of all you need to get rid of uncomfortable, morally and constructively obsolete furniture. In this case, such a rather risky interpretation of the Mediterranean style in the interior of the kitchen can be an excellent solution for everyone. Useful article!

Fucking kitchen interior in the Mediterranean style. Spacious, fresh and bright. Designer furniture of contrasting color perfectly diluted the general light interior of the kitchen with paints. And how do I like these bright blue panels in the kitchen! They look great on the doors. Elegant!

The kitchen is the main part of the house, we spend a lot of time there. The Mediterranean style in design will be comfortable for both the hostess and the rest of the family. Gently-turquoise and milky tones are perfectly matched.

Such a small kitchen, but it looks amazing. Photos of the kitchen before the intervention of the designer and after – were struck on the spot. As from such a nondescript Soviet room, such a bright and stylish interior turned out. Color solutions are simply wonderful, absolutely in my taste.

The designer really managed to visually expand the space of the kitchen. Most of all I was impressed by the lighting and the glowing panel, which, undoubtedly, first attracts the view of the incoming. It is also remarkable that its illumination can be adjusted at the discretion of the hosts. Bright colors do not cut eyes, but look as if they are reflections of bright colors from under a layer of transparent water.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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