Bold design solutions: we design in a modern style the bedroom of a boy-teenager


For parents, some great ideas for rebuilding the room of your tomboy. The main thing is to listen to your boy's desires. And the basis of the idea can be gleaned from 9 magnificent designs for the teen's room.

Is the child reaching out to the sport? Motivate it! The quaint black-and-white painting and the strict blue-gray interior, of course, make the room very stylish and modern. (Design by DKOR Interiors / photo by Renata Bastos)

A cozy and warm room for a dream boy. White furniture perfectly contrasts with bright orange and chocolate accessories. (Design Creation Maryse Croteau)

Is your child already old enough to prefer classics? An elegant combination of black, white and red adds to the interior of chic and modern. In such a room, even a boy will feel like a real man! (Design by Celia Maria)

Try to decorate the room in a spirit of minimalism. It's a good idea to hide the desk behind the wall, and disguise it under the cupboard. Spacious bed, large TV and design ready! But this is the boy's room, obviously something is missing . .Ah yes! Do not forget about X-BOX. (Design by West Chin Architect / photo by Joshua McHugh)

If your child loves baseball, football, basketball or any other sports game, you have a great opportunity to take advantage of this idea. Decorate the room with appropriate decorations, use wallpaper. The main thing do not forget about the neon illumination under the bed, it looks simply amazing! (Design by TRG Architects / photo by Bernard Andre)

Your boy does not know what he wants? Design the bedroom in a stylish and modern design. Use fresh colors and trendy furniture, and even the most capricious teenager will be delighted. (Design by DKOR Interiors / photo by Renata Bastos)

A small loft and a real wooden staircase !? Yes this is the dream of any hooligan! Equip your sorceress with a similar place for games, and see his happiness will not be the limit! (Design Insidesign)

If your child considers himself completely adult and independent, there is an idea for such a case. You can equip a separate room in the attic just for him. (Design by Dyanne Wilson Photography)

Turn your teen's room into a real penthouse! Warm tangerine and gray metallic is the perfect combination for a stylish and modern room. (Design by DM Design Solutions)

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When the child is already old enough, it is difficult to equip his room and just at the same time. On the one hand, parents see the interests of the child, they can discuss this or that idea with him. On the other – not always his desire can be implemented without proper knowledge in design. I think that this material will help many parents in finding the optimal design of a children's room for an adult boy.

Excellent design options for bedrooms for teenage boys. When creating a bedroom at this age it is worthwhile to ask the child what he wants to see in his room, or what colors he would like to use, so that he would also take an active part, rather than argue later that it does not suit him.

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