Blue color in the interior of the kitchen: to be or not to be?


Blue color in the interior of the kitchen

The blue color in the interior of the kitchen looks original, because the kitchen is considered to be one of the last places where a bright color is appropriate. However, the use of the blue palette in the design of the kitchen space is a frequent occurrence. A lighter shade on the walls, dark tones of wall cabinets or islands – they are clearly separated from each other, and add a softness to the interior.

Pastel blue island, bold and refined at the same time, looks perfect in a white kitchen.

Pastel blue gives a feeling of coolness

A mosaic floor with a blue pattern will create an amazing contrast with solid furniture.

Blue geometric ornament

This shade of blue is quite neutral. The ideal choice is if you want to update the interior without completely changing the current decor.

Light blue is the color that gives the room more light. The absence of a sharp transition between the color of furniture and the general tone of decoration creates an atmosphere of tranquility and pacification.

Light blue in the interior of the kitchen

Blue with a dusting color is difficult to determine, because the spraying has many shades. It looks crystal clear, almost transparent, and has a barely perceptible flair of retro style.

Ash-blue and beige – a successful combination in the style of retro

The azure-green color is notorious for being difficult to work with. Very little color harmoniously combined, and do not merge with the shades of the color of the sea wave. White, gray or black accents in the kitchen will help to solve this complexity.

Color of the sea waves in the kitchen interior

If the kitchen needs a portion of elegance, a dark blue color will be the best choice. It will look great anywhere in the house, without requiring additional lighting or contrast accents. The key to working with this color is the presence of other objects that are lighter or darker in one or more tones.

Elegant kitchen in dark blue tones

Blue cobalt is a strong shade. It gives the kitchen elegance and sophistication, and in combination with the wooden elements of the decor looks simply luxurious. A bright blue plate with a hood here is an exclusive in vintage style.

Light turquoise color looks good on kitchen islands or even on the ceiling. Its combination with the blue or gray-blue pattern of the mosaic floor visually increase the area of ​​the kitchen and harmoniously complement each other.

Several shades of blue

There are several ways to turn blue into decor. Write in the comments, which shade would you like to add to your kitchen.

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