Black kitchen in the interior – fashionable, expressive, stylish


Black kitchen in the interior. What is it? Epatage or display of refined taste? Is black furniture in the kitchen good or bad? For many reasons, the question is controversial.

Some people are afraid of this color. In addition, on a dark background, any stains, even divorces from pure water, are noticeable.

Others consider it elegant. It was popular at all times. Your final opinion, perhaps, will develop after you look at our photos, illustrating how the black color looks in the interior.

The lower blue-black cabinets are topped with a gray countertop. Very opportunely here contrasting with them a yellow stool. It enlivens the general picture of this corner.

The owner decided to do away with the top cabinets. His decision did not change the contrasting game of black furniture with light walls and white worktops. The transition to the lower boxes provides an influx of natural light and an expansion of the visual space.

If you like modern kitchen design without bulky cabinets, then they can successfully replace ordinary shelves. In order not to accumulate dust, it is better to make them with the closing glass doors.

Colorful wallpaper in the kitchen always produce a sensation, especially when combined with a resin color furniture. This is a great background for unique equipment. In general, the room looks like a precious casket.

Kitchen furniture in the rustic style is made by a master cabinetmaker. At the very ceiling – also the aesthetic motifs of the past.

A traditional kitchen with white cupboards takes on a suddenly high style. The kitchen island made this metamorphosis. Its resin color masks the rubbing in those places where the legs sitting on bar stools touch the side wall.

Also, a bright kitchen island looks wonderful against the background of its dark furniture. Creative lights with unusual light are a real godsend for the designer. They emphasize the unity, the integrity of the entire kitchen ensemble.

The problem with black furniture is that it absorbs too much light. But our photo is proof that this is not quite true. The gloss of the semi-glossy cabinets ensures sufficient illumination of the whole room in the tonality of the light-colored floor and the white countertop.

If there is still a lack of light and reflective details of the interior, use white top cabinets. Complete the kitchen with stainless steel appliances, white trowel on the kitchen apron, even light handles on the black drawers.

Open kitchen is an excellent place for experimenting with the use of black furniture in other rooms of your home.

How to repaint kitchen cabinets?

It really turned out that the furniture of dark color looks great not only in the corridor, but also in the kitchen. Great ideas for lovers of black furniture. Since in recent years it has become very fashionable household appliances of dark colors, it perfectly fits into such an interior. Information on the coloring of kitchen cabinets was very useful. Many thanks!

Probably. not everyone decides to use the design of the kitchen in black color. But looking through these photos, there is no sense of "darkness" of the room, and bright details, such as a yellow stool, colorful wallpaper, red flowers complement and enrich the interior. Also, black and white-steel colors are perfectly combined, letting additional light into the room.

We are glad to welcome you on our kitchen design portal! Welcome to the world of professional design.

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