Bedroom in white colors: 10 options for a successful design


Bedroom in white colors with wooden wall decoration

A bedroom in white colors is an idea that requires a particularly delicate approach for its embodiment. If you simply, without hesitation, decorate the entire room in white, the result may surprise you unpleasantly. But with the right approach, you will be able to create an interior that looks like a paradise drowning in the clouds.

1. Add unusual textures

Feathers of exotic birds, fringe and contrasting details of the Moroccan blanket warm this room, full of cream shades and interesting textures.

Unusual details in the interior of the bedroom

2. Stick to the style of "shabby chic"

Bedrooms in light colors – great for recreating this style. White color will not allow things to look too shabby. Patinated vintage chandelier, quite typical for this interior, is a bright touch on the general background.

White bedroom in the style of "shabby chic"

3. More natural light!

Equally white walls, the ceiling and shutters reflect the daylight, allowing a beautiful chest of drawers to stand out against their background. Pillows and bedspreads on the bed more delicately attract attention.

A dazzling white interior flooded with bright daylight

4. Use the "tone-in-tone" strategy

The base color of the patterned upholstery of the headboard slightly differs from white, but it clearly stands out in front of the monochrome decor. Ornaments in the form of coral twigs emphasize the architectural features of the walls.

Bedroom in Florida. An oasis of coolness in the midst of a glowing city

5. Add one strongly contrasting with the environment element

Against the background of this absolutely white interior the picture looks more dramatic, its colors seem bright and saturated.

Picture in a luxurious frame on a white wall

Floors are different from white color – another interesting element. The walnut floor adds depth and warmth to the interior of the room. Noteworthy is the presence of materials with an interesting texture, such as sheepskins, from which are made covers for ottomans, and silvery artificial leather used for upholstery padding. Grayish walls and carpet counterbalance the dazzling whiteness of the sofa, table and ceiling.

Brown floor – a noticeable contrast element in the white living room

6. Paint the ceiling in a different color

Light gray color visually reduces its height of a ceiling and acts in a role of a cool contrast element in relation to a fireplace. Marble decoration of the fireplace portal, crystal chandelier, large mirrors bring gloss into the interior.

White bedroom with a bluish-gray ceiling

7. Focus on the walls

The boards create a mood suitable for this beach cottage. White color and windows, which open a stunning view of the coast, visually increase the room modest dimensions.

Bedroom with sheathed walls and large windows

8. Add one bold color

Although this house is located far from the sea, its owners decided to create the atmosphere of a beach cottage in the interior of the bedroom. And spectacular yellow-green chairs in this helped.

White bedroom in beach style

9. Focus on modern images

Adhering to strict outlines and a simple palette in the interior of the bedroom is a great idea. A classic table lamp and bench is a direct reference to the design of the middle of the last century. A soft bed, carpet and window decor create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere.

Modern interior design in white tones

10. Add classics

A white palette helps the ceilings appear higher, and classic furniture with carved details and draped curtains soften a low-key image.

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